Where to buy the RAMBo 1.4?

I see that amazon has RAMBo 1.4 boards for sale. How big of a mistake would I be making in purchasing one of those instead of waiting for Ultimachine to restock Ryan?

I am overwhelmed with the information available for cnc boards. But to the best of my ability to understand what I am reading it would seem that I need the RAMBo 1.4 board to make use of the dual endstops? Is there another board(in stock) that would be recommended? My intended use of my CNC is routing wood.

The skr pro also works. Ordering from other than Ryan you will have to program the board yourself. There are instructions in the docs pages and an already configured file to program with on the github page

Thank you for the reply. I am reading up on the differences. It would seem that the main difference is that, as a noob, I am more likely to destroy the skr pro… What is your opinion?

The skr pro is easier in some ways and harder in others. We’ve used the rambos for years and we know they are built like tanks. Amazon sells them at pretty outrageous prices though.

The skr pro is new, and my favorite thing is that you can just put a firmware.bin on the sd card and it will flash itself. That makes it pretty attractive to new users. But there is also a lot of new stuff we haven’t learned yet, which makes the rambo better for new users.

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Thank you. It would appear that I need to order the end stops separately if I go with the skr pro. A quick google search provided me about a weeks worth of reading on the subject. Can you recommend a thread or link on the subject?

Skr pro


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BTW, you don’t need endstops to get started. I’ve never had endstops cnc machine and I haven’t missed them. It is different than 3D printing.

Thanks. I had no idea. Most of the MPCNC videos on youtube the builders are raving about the auto squaring. I’m trying to figure it out as I go along.

thank you

I don’t have endstops either. I move to x0 y0 by hand before I turn it on and it stays square.


What dimensions are your x, y, and z? Would that would be a factor in maintaining square? I am building z131mm, x1269mm and y1278mm.

That is huge. Have you looked at the low rider instead? The rigidity goes down exponentially. So something twice as long is 25% as rigid. It isn’t exactly that simple, but it is in many ways.

Generally. The larger the size, the easier it is to get square. It is easy to get an end within 1mm with a tape measure. 1mm over 1200mm is in the noise.

That’s lowrider size.

Yes I did look at the low rider. I watched the build video for the low rider and my gut instinct told me to go with the primo. I intend to build the low rider when I finish the primo. My fantasy is that the lowrider will get a primo update. I am using 1" stainless tube. From the few videos I watched I got the impression that stainless was the only way to make my footprint useable?

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You’re really in uncharted territory. That is a big build.

Useable is subjective. Useable for what? At that size expect a lot of weirdness on anything harder than mdf.

I bought the SKR V1.4Turbo (with 2209’s) for my 3d printer and I am very happy with it. I have the Rambo 1.4 I bought from Ultimachines for $170 (before Ryan had any in stock early in the pandemic) for my primo.

It was easy to flash both boards and I believe the instructions on the site provide clear path.

Thanks. I held out and waited for the Rambo. I am very good at breaking things.

I’m using it on wood. I watched a video on youtubes of what I thought was a 4x4 mpcnc primo. And it seemed to carve just fine. If it does not I can always rebuild it with a smaller foot print. No? And What is useable? I have no idea. Also what kind of weirdness do you think I will experience? Obviously not skittles and rainbows. But do you think I will be + or - and 1/8th, 16th? Crazy vibrations? Expoding spindles? Am I going to burn my house down? Note to self. Buy fire extinguisher. I did see that video as well…

Everyone take a guess at how bad it will be. We will find out by this weekend I hope.

In the calculator I entered 915mm x 915mm work space.

Also what kind of wirdness do you think I will experience? Obviously not skittles, rainbows and unicorns. But do you think I will be + or - and 1/8th, 16th?

Building big and reducing the size is more convenient than buildning small, regretting and getting new pipes and wires.

BUT - building big increases the possibilities for errors, and thus making troubleshooting more difficult. Bashing the head against many unknown factors can be damaging to the human spirit as well…