Whats that CAM software with upfront "wizards"

Long shot, but i’m getting old and my memory isnt what it was…

I’ve finally finished my Primo, done a couple of test runs, and i’m now looking at CAM software (i’m happy designing parts in OpenSCAD for my 3d printer, so think the CAD side is covered).

I seem to remember “some time ago” (whilst watching youtube videos most likely) - there was some cam software where you opened a file, it gave you 3 screens for some wizard and then got you started without much more effort which looked really good.

Can anyone point me at what that might have been ?

(I’ve tried estlcam and I dont love it - so looking for alternatives)

Thanks in advance.

The common alternatives here are fusion (at least they were), and kiri:moto. Kiri:moto might be a good choice for you, since you are using openacad and can easily create the stl of what you’re making.

You might be thinking of easel? I’m not sure.