What to take another look at poll? What should I work on

  • MPNC, has not been revised in years
  • MP3DP needs a few more tweaks
  • Zen needs adjustable endstop flags
  • LR3 has some stuff that can be improved as well
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I want to work on all of them. I can’t work on all of them at once. The jackpot R&D is slowing down so what is next? What would you prefer?

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I’d really like captured rails on the LR. :smiley:


Already considered soliciting feedback/suggestions in a way that can be upvoted by the community? Customer/Community sourcing prioritized list of ideas.

Something like https://feedback.uservoice.com used by companies like https://twitch.uservoice.com, but something way cheaper, there’s alternatives 10 Best UserVoice Alternatives for 2023 With Features & Pricing, however, an even cheaper option…

Could maybe achieve similar goal good enough via this Discourse based forum. Assuming Discourse don’t already have relevant feature we can use? You could have a “vNext” tag, ask people to upvote via hearting the first Post of improvement suggestion Topics focused on a specific thing/area. e.g Anyone could create a “[LR vNext] Captured rail for rigidity and/or almost vertical usage”. Separate topics enables easily figuring out the most votes, and most passion, i.e. most Posts, that drill down into specific improvements, and/or new features.

Opening up suggestions from Community could spark new machine(s) ideas even? You’d need to herd us cats though for sure :slight_smile:

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Hang on to suggestions for specific things until after a project is decided. I have a pile of notes so I can sort through them and compile a short list when we get closer.

Hmmmm, tough one. voting is good, but I think it better kept to two rounds of ideas. A broad round “I am about to make a spaceship, what do you want?” then " I am using these specific landing gear in this form, any complaints?" Then Beta tests for when I make super stupid mistakes but also need to filter out a lot of voices. The beta team quickly point out faults, even if they don’t specifically talk about it. “Putting on the seat belts was rough but I got there eventually”.

Last couple times we did a video chat, I think we did it a little too late, sort of a wrap up. I think If I do anything major I will do the chat early, like before the beta team builds it.

As a very specific example almost every time we get a ton of people asking for linear rails…I am not using 8’ linear rails, that would get voted way up but I would have to take a ton of time showing exactly how much extra that would cost in shipping alone. I think I need to lead the update conversation before any sort of voting.


I’m pretty sure you’re aware of my current minor issues :slight_smile:

I voted for a few MP3DPv4 tweaks. It’s a great machine. Just a few small annoyances.


Pretty sure I will add the zip tie holes ASAP, thinking in more broad terms here like a XY redesign.

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I am in a wierd spot, I want to work on all of them. I think the LR3 is pulling ahead in popularity so I think that will get the votes. I think the MPCNC is just smaller than most want these days?

So maybe I can make the LR3 less expensive and just focus on one build. Or maybe I can cut even more costs on the current MPCNC and make it more appealing.

I like tinkering on a new printer, I have no idea why, but it is always a challenge.

The Zen is great, just needs adjustable end stops, (fluidnc doesn’t currently support negative endstop adjustments or activating another endstop when one is already triggered, grbl32 did) the belt holder is a bit funky but works fine.


For the record, I trust you to work on the elements you find engaging (or vexing). That’s worked out well for all of us end-user so far.

It’s been my (admittedly limited) experience that products reach a maturity level and innovation “flattens out” when folks are comfortable with the promised capabilities and they can do everything in their desired envelope. It feels to me that the MPCNC has reached that tier. The community seems to have a good handle on the size-to-rigidity-for-particular-materials parameters, and the LR is there for folks who need to go bigger.

I’ve loved watching the development of the LumenPNP from Stephen Hawes (now Opulo) because he’s shared the engineering process from the very start, and he was excited to solve a particular, specific problem. That solution then led to another opportunity, which led to a setback, which he worked through, and so on, and so on, and now he’s running an online business selling these things.

What new challenges are you interested in digging into? There’s definitely satisfaction in optimizing, but it’s different (for me) than creating.


Just my humble opinion, but I think the LR3 is indeed the jewel of the crown (wink) right now.
I don’t know what you have in mind for the “3.1”.
If you have new ideas for developments, that’s great and go for it, I’d really love to see how far this machine can go
If you see it as an “improvements collection”, maybe the community can help, a bit like in video games lately, where editors incorporate community content/mods in DLCs
With a small team of community designers/testers, you could probably establish the requirements, and “offshore” the realization…

I never had much interest in the MPCNC so I can’t judge why it seems to have lost part of it’s traction lately
Do you want/need to continue this model? if so, it must have it’s own set of features/advantages
What does an MPCNC do that a small LR3 can’t? I’m asking kind of genuinly, as I said, I’ve never dug into the mpcnc topic, and it’s not very clear from my standpoint why I’d build an mpcnc. It seems more complicated than an LR3, fr a smaller work area, and it’s not clear to me if it’s any more rigid.

The ZenXY is a pretty unique but very niche product.
I’d like to see more of it, I love sand tables, but in the same time, I’m pretty much convinced I’ll never build one (and if I did, I’d probably go with a scalar robot for a round table)
What I mean is: it’s great, and one of the very few products available out there if you want to make a sand table, it’s a great “show-off” thing, but there are few real users

On the MP3DP side,I feel it’s kind of the opposite problem… Internet is packed with core xy printers, it seems like there’s a new core xy printer every week… (just look at Rolohaun, releasing a “new” printer every 2 monthes)
The MP3DP is probably great, but I feel it lacks a “little something” to distinguish it from the mass: either a super easy build without extrusion, or a very large build volume, or insane speeds, or particularly well documented build

But most importantly, work on what pleases you, work on what’s inspiring you…

NB: I hope you won’t take any of this too personaly, I’m just trying to be the “Candide” here, giving you a glimpse of what the situation may look like from a “user” point of view. I’ve been folowing your work on and off for the past few year and know for a fact it’s generally honestly good/well-thought engineering whatever you do :slight_smile:


I like that question.

In my opinion, it has a smaller footprint, easier to build, and is cheaper. At smaller sizes 2’x2’, I have an intuition it is faster (more rigid) because it is locked down you can push it harder at smaller sizes.

I feed off everyone’s excitement, so I am using this thread to gauge where that excitement is.

Exactly what I am looking for. I am in a small bubble here.

Me too, but maybe a little refresh might keep the flame alive for what I believe to be the best bang for the buck 2’ and under CNC.

I wish I had that sort of external excitement, Dude is even more contagious in real life. After talking with him I wanted to remake everything I ever built! I might try to catch a little more of my journey on this next round of whatever.


And a combination of both would be great.

The collet does not go that far down. If I wanted to mill something thicker, I just could not remove the spoilboard and go deeper. My V-bit for instance is pretty short, it would not reach the bottom. That’s the only thing that is slightly negative with the LR in my eyes, overall it’s far superior in my opinion.

And could be the foundation for a CO2 laser conversion kit if one were so inclined to design one :grin:


I think Nick Elsson on the FB group has done just that :wink:

ah…ok. I don’t really read much there. I might be looking to do the same thing in the near-ish future. I’ll go check him out. Thanks.

A few questions/comments aside from checking poll boxes.

The Zen is cool. If it truly just needs adjustable enstop flags, do that. Then it’s done.

The repeat printer is your production machine and a great project for the rest of us to follow along and have some fun. Every one is custom made. Work on this when you need enhancements for your production machines (Like maybe whatever you do to get clear FDM prints out of one)
Edit to add- maybe also some of the XY stuff or your suggestion that with some part changes you could use more aluminum angle or even better fit a metal or wooden box (Like my crazy idea to use the design inside an old Solidoodle Workbench frame or Colido X3045 frame)

Does the MPCNC still sell a good volume of kits/parts and make a good revenue source for you? Is it dropping off or staying steady. If it’s steady, maybe defer on this one. If it’s dropping off, maybe a refresh. But is that worth it compared to how the LR3 is doing for revenue?

LR3- what a great machine. Will this end work up sneaking out in little chunks anyway? More parts for mounting/using Jackpot? Are you thinking minor improvements or major changes? You’re using the LR3 for daily production as well, right? Do you find yourself thinking you had something or other better/different/in addition to what the machine does for you now? If so, work on that.

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Mpcnc hasnt’t been revised, but my observation is more are coming for the lr than the mpcnc. I have not yet had the pleasure of the lr, but i already want larger than the cnc can handle.

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New project - a MPPS
Mostly printed panel saw :slight_smile:

Improved dust handling and cable routing on the LR and MPCNC would be on my wish list for tweaks.

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I might be a bit biased, so…
The MPCNC is a fine, well done machine ( I have 2), with that said…
There are many things about the MPCNC that could be improved/modified, I am sure Ryan is aware of those.
Adding options or instructions for furthering its development and deployment, given its cost and footprint, that can be varied to need. As I am experiencing, wanting to add a rotary A axis, and not being a firmware guru is an example. A lot of wasted and aggravating hours.
As we have all seen, the variables of user experience, and time can delay builds and cause some a bit of anxiety. The advantages of the machine as it exists makes it appealing to people with 3d printer experience as Marlin is the firmware of choice there. As with all things there is a learning curve, and this forum assists with that.
The issue that Ryan is having, i.e. the availability/reliability of the SKR Pro boards is a major issue. The Jackpot GRBL board is a good direction, but keeping the Marlin availability should be kept, as its use with an LCD screen is less daunting for the new folks unfamiliar with gcode senders, as it can use Repetier Host, or a USB stick to run straight from the LCD.

I missed this poll, but if I was voting, Updating and improving the MPCNC is what I vote for.

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I hope that you work on whatever you enjoy the most, at the moment!!


@vicious1 , I didn’t see a CNC Lathe on the list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Primo is what originally drew me to build a CNC but that was versus the LR2 design. I would have had a harder time deciding which to build if the LR3 was out at that time.

I agree that it seems like most of the new builds are leaning towards the LR3 so maybe it’s popularity should drive your focus.

There are also accessories that could be designed to be used on both machines such as a 4th axis like @JohnSherman is trying to set up or an automatic tool changer. Seems like you could get twice the bang for your buck if you went that route.

But whatever you decide I look forward to seeing what you come up with.