What to check before printing all the parts?

I recall reading advice to test fit your 3D printed parts before you print all the parts. What exactly am I looking for? I printed a foot and it seems to fit my rails nice and snug. Are there any other parts to check before I kick off printing?

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I would try a corner and a belt slider. Better yet a large test piece and measure for accuracy, X, Y, Z, and more importantly the diagonals.

When you say Corner, do you mean these 3 pieces: Feet, Corner Lock, & Corner Bottom? Is the belt slider to test fit the belts or how the slider fits into the corner?

I did the basic frame test and it came out nice and square. It was 2-3MM smaller than the dimensions said. I didn’t print the Advanced Frame test as the guidance said that was only for questionable machines. I’m using a Prusa i3 MK2 that was factory assembled. If you think it’s worth it, I can run a test.

p.s. Just got a “your order is out for delivery” email this morning. Very exciting day!

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You should be fine with a Prusa.

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Looks like you’re all set on what to test fit, but as far as what to check before printing…make sure you have the primo! A couple people recently printed the burly by mistake.

In my opinion you should not only look to your parts but also think about what you wanna do with the MPCNC.
Therefore you should also have a look to the material you will use printing the parts … and of course the print settings.
Here you can find some infos in testing some materials printing the primo. Probably it helps: