What LR3 components would you machine if you had no restrictions?

Ryan and all you LR3 owners, I wanted to get your thoughts. If you had the ability to machine any LR3 component out of any material which ones would you machine and what materials would you use?

I’m getting access to our prototype lab at work and we have some pretty nice equipment. So I was thinking about using these as practice parts to get familiar with the machines.


A horizontally compact quick release removal LR3 Core (Pro Edition) that can be wired up to upgrade your stock LR3 to an IDEX :slight_smile: X-belt holders may need modding too.

No idea what’s possible/best. My mind is limited to envisioning something with a combo of printed part(s) and Alu/Steel part(s).

Curious what others would like to see?

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Controller enclosure out of billet aluminum sure would look snazzy. Bonus points for attaching the hot parts to the case like a big heat sink.


We have a pretty good size 5-axis and a 3+2 mill so I was also kicking around the idea of cutting a Primo Core. But it’s going to be a while before I get close to being able to do anything on those two machines.

Lots of considerations for a removable core, sounds tricky.

@azab2c , Ha, ha. Yeah I’ve been tracking that thread. I always wanted to make a tool changer.

A optically flat table of granite or tungsten.

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Strut plates, milled from aerospace-grade Ti, with a brass V1 logo inlay on one end.

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Mmmmmm machines ti
Just happen to be by a whole bunch :wink:

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I appreciate the pointer.

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I know it is not needed, but I would go for metal strut braces, instead of the printed ones. Just because it could be done.

I’d go for machining the exclusive Tork SS-3 (6x12) accessory part…


It’s only ~$39K…