What is the endstop cable called? I need to order an extra one

Ultimachine only provide 3 instead of 4 endstop limit switches, and its accompanying wire. I only ordered the Rambo from them because you were out of stock, so don’t hate me lol. :wink:

What is the name of the wire in this image so I can order another one?

It really isn’t anything special, though the board end connector can be a pain.

Any 2 conductor wire will do the job. You need small female spade connectors on the switch end (Or solder them.) and a 2 or 3 pin DuPont connector on the board end. Those JST (XH?) style connectors are nice, to have because they lock into the board well, but aren’t necessary.

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The blue end is a spade connector. The black end is JST, though DUPONT will work just as well. In my cable searches, I’ve only bumped into one similar to this on Aliexpress. If it were me, I’d just purchase some DUPONT cables and directly solder one end to the switch. The JST “lock-in” feature does not add value since this cable will be plugged into a wiring harness, not into the control board. It looks like you will also need an additional switch.

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You can use the leftovers of what you have to put one together, minus the spades, for that just solder them or grab some from the local hardware store.

I get the sets made custom, so we don’t pay for so much waste. I have actually been working on this a lot this week. There must be a better way.

No hard feelings, they are back ordered to the extreme. They are just taking a lot longer which is cool, other manufacturers are severely increasing prices and taking longer. This board/chip shortage could get ugly real quick.