What have you created with your MPCNC?

What are some of the things you guys have made with your Mostly printed cnc- 3d printed, mill, or laser? For 3d printing, thingiverse has tons of ideas that get me thinking, but there is practically nothing on there for using a router. I had a bit of a struggle when I made my initial purchase of my first 3d printer of finding “useful” things to make, but then I got going on the MPCNC project and have had my printer running almost continuously for over 2 weeks.

My first project when I get my z-axis issues figured out is to make motor mounts out of some hdpe sheet, since no matter what I did, I couldn’t keep my roller motor mounts from warping while printing.

Even test cuts, learning experiences, and things that didn’t turn out are appreciated! (pics) Thanks.

I will start. Adjusted my driver voltage on Z to .72v. It still clunks a little, but apparently it’s not missing steps anymore.

Just the first job I have gotten through without losing steps. I didn’t have anything so I had my wife draw something up in tinkercad quick, her name.

Took 29 minutes, but it could have gone waaaayyy faster, I had a 1mm depth of cut, and 10mm/s rough, and 15mm/s finish with depth of .3mm. Gotta start somewhere.

A one more thing from tonight, found a .png file on google that looked like I could make it work, used an online converted to make it a .svg, scaled it down in inkscape, loaded in to repetier and this is what came out. Would have been really cool if I had a 1.5mm mill, I have some on order.

first engraving on perspex using a Dremel and .8 engraving bit, a tad out of alignment due to perspex only held down with tape

That’s awesome! What steps/programs did you use to get your file into gcode? That is a really professional look! I went cheap with my practice material, damaged mdf from menards. 3’ x 7’ sheet for $4 haha.

Here is my first project I made for my wife.
Welcome Sign

ripped image from google images search for spiderman vector, opened in Illustrator and exported as dxf then just loaded into estlcam and clicked engrave on all lines exported as nc then just played with depth trial and error, not 100% due to not levelling bed perfectly… more to come

Mark, I’m not sure if you know this but inkscape can turn raster images into vector artwork. The function is called trace bitmap. I saw you mention an online converter so I wasn’t sure if you knew about this function.

hola acabo de registrarme aqui, os he encontrado bicheando para cojer informacion de como programar mi maquinita que aun no esta terminada pero ahora me dispongo ha probar la electronica.y solo decir que estoy flipando con lo poco que llevo visto.

I tried printing pcflyers dust shoe twice, and twice it failed, 2 hours into 6 hours…

So why not cut it out of wood?

Would be a little better with square corners versus the radiused edges with a square end mill. Only took 40 minutes! Could have been faster. Probably should remember to put tabs in next time, it gets a little scary at the end.

James- Thanks for that. I tried doing that once, and it crashed my computer, so I figured it must not have been the right way. But I will try again with something a little more simple than last time I tried.

Great idea! I think I might remake my dust collector out of wood!

Very cool, Mark! I hadn’t thought of that. What did you use to generate the gcode?

For the g-code for the dust shoe, I just loaded the .stl into estlcam, and pretty much let it do all the work! I used a 3/4" piece of scrap plywood I had laying around, Set the depth limit to just over the plywood thickness, and let it rip.

Here is what I worked on tonight. Finished up the dust shoe and got it on, and then had my wife find a picture on google and I engraved it using dremel engraving bit. I put some primer down so the contrast could really be seen.

Can you post the G-Code. I am not very capable yet…

It is sized for 3/4" plywood, but if you do cut it out, I would recommend starting with the cutting tool maybe 1mm off the surface so you don’t break through with your rough cut. I should have added tabs to it. Watch the circle cut outs as well, one my popped lose, so I paused the print and pulled the piece out so the finish passes wouldn’t hit it and break the tool. The program is written for 1/8" cutting tool.

My finish passes in that code don’t take much off, but its still fun to watch it work! Hope my zip file works for you.

vac_plate.zip (23.5 KB)

Very nice work on the dragonfly!

Dragonfly program for anyone who is interested.

Attachment-1.zip (58.3 KB)

My wife and I have been busy using our MPCNC to make picture frames.
I also just finishing a laser engraving job for a coworker

Wow! Nice work. I like the bright green one and the one above it. Might have to try one myself.

Did you use a round-tipped tool to get the profile in the frame?