Weird stretch

Months later, she finally lives - kinda, I wasn’t able to successfully cut something yet.
I tried cutting text and regular drawings using Estlcam with the settings recommended by all videos for GBRL CNC shield but the results are terribly wonky. It does weird stuff no matter if I go slow or fast. On the left it’s wider than on the right side, why could that be? I suspected lack of belt tension but increasing it, changed nothing.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

Thanks in advance.

It never hurts to check the ever-popular grub screws.

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Is it it likely they are the cause for this behavior?
What exactly am I looking for, when checking?

Thanks for the swift reply Paul!

Could lack of truck tension be a causing issue?
Just checked the grub screws and they all seem to do their job but I noticed I’m able to rock the trucks up and down.

There are flats on the motor shafts that one grub screw should bear on and the should be tight. A little blue Loctite doesn’t hurt. If you look through the forums you’ll see they’re overachievers in the problems caused/size ratio category.

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I noticed one grub screw being a bit loose and I also tightened the trucks and here are the results:

Guess it’s time to pop some Champaign :partying_face:

Thanks Paul! Made my day!