Webcam option other than Repetier Server?

I’ve got a Windows PC connected to my MPCNC with Repetier Host. I’ve got a regular old USB webcam connected to the client. The MPCNC is in my basement, and I’d like to have the webcam monitor prints. Reptier Host does this with Repetier Server Pro but I don’t really need other Repetier Server features enough to cough up for it.

Are there any other options that have a webcam + basic MPCNC control interface (e.g. move the gantry, start/end a job, etc.) through Windows? I’d love it if it was a Fluidd-style interface since I’ve already got some experience and familiarity from the 3D printer space.

I use remote control of my 3D printers frequently. Remote control of a CNC is very strongly ill-advised. So I will assume you are using a tool that would be safe for remote operation (no lasers, no routers, etc.).

There are probably lots of options - here are three in increasing order of complexity and functionality that I have leveraged:

I always install a VNC server (UltraVNC or Tiger VNC) on my shop computer(s). You can then use a VNC viewer to connect to that machine to see and control it from any other machine on the same network. If you have a “Pro” version of windows, you scan skip this and just use RDP, but RDP is not available in Home editions and probably not enabled by default even if you have Pro, but it is only one or two clicks in the right settings menu.

Of course that doesn’t directly answer the question about the webcam, but you can use any camera viewer - including the one included with windows to pull up a window with the video. Control would still be available through Repetier Host. So, its not really an integrated solution, but works.

Option 2: Octoprint works great. It is very similar in functionality to Repetier server, but the webcam plug in is free. I will say though, even after I got Octoprint working, I did buy a full license for Repetier Server - it is even better and was worth it for me.

Third, would be a Klipper conversion. Not nearly as scary as it sounds and worth the effort IMHO, but definitely more of an undertaking. Once Klipper is running Mainsail or Fluidd will give you exactly what you are after in a beautiful integrated UI.

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Theres no situation i can think of that starting a cnc router remotely is a good idea.

For just cheap monitoring

Rest assured, this is only for basic movement commands and vinyl cutting - I have no intention of operating any power tools or lasers without me being there to keep the cats and people away. I don’t intend to use it like a 3D printer.

Alfred Camera looks like a good solution, I’ll definitely look into it.