WD Platform Mod V2 vs Dual XY Rods

I am in the process of printing my parts and collecting my hardware for my build… Now I have come across 2 very nice mods…

  1. Worker Drones 3 Rods on the Z Axis platform mod
  2. Fernando Topete’s Dual XY Axis rods + camaro rigidity mods on his huge 4x7.5 machine

I am trying to decide what would be the best upgrade option as it looks like they will not work together.

The dual XY rods would prevent flexing in the axis in the middle of the print area, but would it prevent twisting of the Z axis?

Worker Drone’s triple rod Z axis and platform would definitely strengthen the Z axis and prevent rotation but it still uses 1 rod on the X and Y axis. Or is there a way to to combine the 2 that I am missing?

My goal is a machine with a usable area of 4’ x 4’ capable of cutting and engraving wood, plastics, and aluminium. Laser and possible printing added on later.