Vicious1 shipping time

Didn’t know the best place to put this so I figured I would put it here.

Just wanted to say that Vicious1 ships faster than Ordered at 3 pm on Tuesday and received within 48 hours on the other side of the country. So if anyone is worried like I was that you won’t be able to complete your project on time, have no fear.

Thanks Vicious1!

Sweet Thanks for taking the time to say thanks!

I ship USPS Priority, and try to get everything out on the next mail pickup. If I have more than 8 or so packages I take them directly to the post office. Sometimes a few times a day.

No Promises on shipping times though, especially to France they seem to hate our mail more than any other place int the world.

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Confirmed. I have experienced very fast shipping times. Thanks Vicious1.

Chiming in to say my shipment was way fast, too - thanks much. (now if the printer was just as fast - lol)

Wow your picture/avatar. I was just looking up some cnc guitar info. Not much out there, could be a really fun project.

Thanks for the kind words, I feel bad if I don’t ship ASAP.

That’s one of a slew of bodies I did old school - body blanks, bandsaw, MDF templates, and guide bearing router (table and handheld). This should let you see some more shots: