Vetric/VCarve PP?

I’ve been searching but everything I find is fairly old. Does anyone have a Post Processor ideally with tool change? I’m running with BIGTREETECH SKR Pro v1.2 32bit, TMC2209,& TFT3.5 v3, and dual endstops. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to avoid off CNC control software but if that’s the best option please advise.
Thanks in advance.

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I am using this one, I use Estlcam as a controller though. It might work with other GRBL boards though, did not try! (1.5 KB)
If you have a controller that Vectric does not offer a PP for, you can write their support an E-Mail and they will help you set one up. That’s how the one above came to be, some German guy wrote back and forth with them, first needing to explain that Estlcam is not only a CAM but also a controller… :smiley: