Vectric Aspire or Vectric Vcarve pro

Trying to decide whether to get Vectric Aspire or Vcarve Pro.
Whats the best go to software out of these 2?

I know you put this up a few days ago, but the answer (as with anything in this world) is it depends. Disclaimer up front: I use Desktop. As far as what I can tell from their website, as well as others I have talked to, the only difference between Aspire and Pro/Desktop is the ability to “CREATE” 3d models. That’s it. With Pro/Desktop, you can cut anything and everything that Aspire can, but you cannot “make” your own 3D models, you would have to import them from somewhere else. There are a few ways to Edit the 3D models in Pro/Desktop, but it is very limited, and the “Edits” are a bit of work arounds using the tools available.

Now, if you are wanting to Create/Edit/Modify 3D models (usually a .stl or .obj file) then Aspire is the way to go as it provides that capability. If you have no interest in that and are find scouring the interwebs to find your models, then save your money and just go with Pro.

The difference between Pro and Desktop is Desktop limits you to 24x24 just jobs. You can do larger, but you would have to “tile” the operation to make it work. There is no limit in Pro or Aspire.

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That’s something that’s really turning me off, to pay 300€ more just for that. It also was a complete let-down regarding inlays. F-Engrave is free and does a better job with deep inlays.

so putting cost aside.
if you were told pick one. which would you choose?

Estlcam and F-Engrave. :smiley:

V-Carve Pro I guess if I had the money. It‘s got everything I need.

Interesting, would have thought aspire over vcarve since aspire has everything vcarve has plus more?

Yeah, but I don‘t need it. :smiley: Maybe with software it wouldn‘t matter, but I am not buying a bigger car than I need just because I can. Kinda bad analogy, but you get what I mean. :smiley:

Thinking about it: If price didn‘t matter, with software I‘d get the most expensive one… You are right, I am retracting my statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

If price didn’t matter (wish that were really the case!!) I would go with Aspire as I eventually want to be able to create my own models, or truly modify other models that I can get off the interwebs. I really need to upgrade to PRO first though. The 2 machines I have currently can cut way more than 24x24, and with my plans to build the LR3, I will really need more. But that is just me!! I am with @Tokoloshe in that I wouldn’t get something just because it costs more and has more than I need. I am a simple man who’s better half has made to look at needs over wants and spend accordingly. If I had no desire to go full 3D model building, then I would just stick with PRO. So, there is that. Again, if $$$ really didn’t matter, then yeah, give me everything!!

Completely understand, live within your means.
Reason I ask this question, is as it new to cnc world, I don’t know where my interest will take me, so I thought instead of paying for a product which I may upgrade or may not depending where my interests take me. I didn’t wanna spend the money twice costing me double then just buying it in the first place.

I have found vcarve pro software v10.5 and aspire software version 9.5 and 10.5 selling for approx $125aud ($88.50usd) on eBay with life time upgrades.

I do know the 11.5 version is in the $thousands.
So I suppose for its price aspire would be the way to go, but just don’t justify why 10.5 and 11.5 have such a massive price hike.

Is there a very big difference between the 9.5,10.5 compared to the 11.5 versions?

This sounds a little scammy to me to be honest.

Yeah I thought so too, but considering it’s on eBay and not a random site.
I did see it also advertised on etsy and here.


After checking the site out and their terms of sale and terms of service they look very, very shady. On ebay they say they are not selling on ebay but only on their page, at least the one offer I found there, plus, the site is only 4 months old. If you buy they key, tell me if you really got one that works. :smiley:

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Ask him where he got his keys, please. The reviews look good (but copy/paste), for this price I might buy it as well. :smiley:

So I’m speaking with the seller, seems legit.
Just awaiting his reply, and will get back to you all

I have told him, if this is legit. I may have many potential buyers for him. So we see where that leads us :slight_smile:


It may be some business with several licenses went out of business. But it also could be cracked software and not at all legal.

Ok guys, good news it is legit and I have spoken to the guy and he will make a deal with us. Will explain in next post

So it‘s a crack or generated codes that he is selling, making them (probably) illegal… This is really shady, I am not going to buy it, even if I‘d love to have it.


:thinking: … so umm…are you walter? :rofl: