Vcarve to repetier/estlcam

Hello all I am new to cnc and just built my mpcnc router. I have managed to get to the point where my machine is working good with the crown test but when it comes to using vcarve and saving the gcode it will not open on repetier or estlcam. Ok I am a complete knob when it comes to this stuff. When I go to open the files in repetier the item shows with an icon for estlcam and the file type is TAP file. When I open it in estlcam it just takes me directly to the controller which of coarse won’t connect to my Rambo 1.4. I’m frustrated because I know it’s something simple and I can’t figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank

4th picture on this page, try that.

I have completed those steps. When I open the items up in estlcam it takes me directly to the estlcam controller. Thank you for the quick response.

open repetier and just drop the file in.


The 5th picture shows you how to save it as gcode not TAR. If you can figure it out uninstall and reinstall.

You have to use a post processor with vcarve, it doesn’t spit out gcode we can use. That’s why you’re seeing a tap file.


Ohhhh, I feel dumb. I did not see the Vcarve part… Sorry.


Post processors are found at the bottom of the milling basics page.

Which Post processor should I be using in vcarve? Ryan what are you wanting me to remove and reinstall.



Ok another stupid question on how to splice test 5 into vectric. Kind of thought would be a bit simpler than this but hey I got to learn somehow I guess.

in vcarve you can go to Toolpaths => Install Postprocessor, select Test4 and done. Vcarve/aspire is very well documented, lots of resources online.


Thanks for your help Aaron but I am not seeing it on the list after installing it. I am finding this to have a steep learning curve. Or is there something else I should be choosing. I am just assuming that it would show up.

Ok never mind. I just restarted the program and it paper up and I did my first simple carve. Thanks guys for the help time to get to work.