v1pi hotspot

I hope I’m not developing by committee here, but I would like to know how many of you use the auto hotspot, or just the hot spot in v1pi, and how.

I would like to not have to create two versions, and if I needed another fork, I wouldn’t want to make 4. That, and it’s broken in the latest versions of things.

It’s not a big deal if you use it, just let me know, and I’ll be more motivated to work on it.

I’m interested in also knowing if you use the “auto” part of autohotspot, or just the hotspot all the time. The auto is where most of the trouble is. The auto part will connect to your home router credentials if it can, and if not, then it creates it’s own hotspot. That seems silly to me, since you’d either want it to connect to your router or make it’s own, and not flip flop around.

If you have another use for the hotspot, such as setup or something, please let me know in the comments.

Apparently, I can see the number of downloads: https://api.github.com/repos/jeffeb3/v1pi/releases/latest

hotspot: 328
no-hotspot: 421

I’m sure there are some people that download both, and some people that download it more than once, but still that’s substantial.

I agree no need for the auto, if anything it would seem to me that would be harder to connect for the user (trying to find it)? I no longer use the hotspot , but previously it was the only option and think it is worth having.

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I’m sorry but what’s the difference between the auto hotspot and just hotspot?

At the moment I’m running a headless installation where I simply flip on the power switch and go… I’ve never bothered with any wifi settings on the v1pi.

My home’s wifi router and rpi wifi chips don’t get along very well in my “shop” for some reason so I’m forced to use hotspot. I’ve also really started to like cncjs so I’ve been eager for this update. With this new image will I be able to use the hotspot one way or another?


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So you connect to the v1pi hotspot?

I’m working on it. It takes a while to run the builder and then flasg the pi to test things. If you have a v1pi, you can upgrade the version from the command line.

The auto hot spot will try to connect to wifi settings it’s provided, amd if it can’t find them, it will create it’s own hotspot. Since you never gave it settings, it is just always being a hotspot. I think the auto would be useful if it was tucked away in an appliance and you wanted to connect to it the first time and then set up your wifi credentials without editing the file on the SD.

Yup, with my shop computer (another rpi) on the other side of the garage. The wireless keyboard with cncjs is handy to jog the gantry.

imho, if it possible to make settings ui then it would be nice to have 3 state option

  • auto hotspot (factory default)
  • hotspot
  • client only

Yeah, I’m not sure if it supports auto hot spot, but there is a rasap-webgui that I’m looking at. I think it would be nice to be able to configure it without using the command line or pulling the sd card.

i’m currently working iot-style project for my home usage based on esp8266. so i use “async wifi manager” library. it something like auto hotspot mode

The ESP does a good job, and it’s surprisingly much simpler than on a pi. I like the ESP32 because of its freertos implementation and dual core you can actually do tasks in parallel.