I am following the tutorial on V-carve inlay with F-engrave. After the file is finished, he loads it in to Octoprint. I am very confused with OP. There are a lot of other things to install to use it. What are the steps I need to follow? I have Rambo v1.4
Is there another program instead of OP? Currently using Estlcam and Repetier Host.

Thank you for the help, I am not very computer savy and get confused very easily.


You don’t need OP if you’re using Repetier Host to send the G-code to the machine. The usual reason to use OP is that you want to transfer your G-code to your machine via your home network rather than a wired connection.

If you already have a computer running RH, and it is wired to the MPCNC, then there is no need to use OP.


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Thanks Mike