Using PETG for my build, is the infill suggested on the site REALLY needed?

?Seems like a bit overkill, maybe for PLA, but was wondering if anyone did a build with ABS or PETG and used less infill?

I feel like 40% is MORE than enough, no?

I would stay away from ABS but PET should be fine with less infill I do not know how much. I tested all the parts in PLA and those percentages were actually needed for me to have a rigid machine. I Just got a new roll of PET and will be testing the new parts with that as well.

I went ahead and printed the Roller F and roller locks at 50% infill, and they are solid, feels injection molded, and came out beautifully.

I did all my pet parts at 40 or 60% infill. Can’t be too stiff.

All my PETG parts are at 35% infill with 2 perimeters and 2 top and bottom layers.

They are significantly stiffer/stronger than the original parts printed with cheap PLA at the recommended settings.