USB keeps dropping connection

New to working on this type of projects.

The system was working properly, however went to start a new project and the usb will not hold a connection with the laptop. When plugged in, laptop will recognize the printer, I normally plug it into COMM5 usb port, and as soon as I attempt to connect it to via repetier host 2.1.6 the connection drops. Occasionally, it will hold the connection long enough to start the project and then will drop the connection. I have tried moving it to a different usb port, same issue. Is the board fried? Is there a way to tell? I looked at it and didn’t see any black marks.

I tripped over my USB cord once and bent the cord tip…and broke the USB plug on the board also :cry: but it still works if I hold it just right.

Try a different USB cord if you have one (steal the cord from your laser printer)

Try taping the cord or plug to a fixed point to eliminate vibration. If the cord only works in one spot, then tape it there.

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The USB on those are isolated, I have not heard of one going bad yet. I’m with Gene, try a different cable first, maybe try unplugging everything else and see if the naked board works (with and without the power connected).

Don’t know what you mean about naked bird.
Have tried multiple cords no luck
Is there a way to look at the board and see if it’s burned?

Boards sometimes leave lots of evidence when they break, sometimes not.

The naked board is without the steppers or endstops plugged in, just the board, power, and usb.

What board is it, and what machine type is it?

Do you have an LCD?

If you have another cable, definitely try that. They design usb cables to break before the ports (because they are cheaper).

If you get a connection at all I do not think it is the board at all. I suspect repetier or some other issue on that computer, Com 5 suggests you have 3-4 other com devices and one might be messing with things. Can you try another computer?