upgrading to 525

I love my mpcnc but the slop in the middle parts limits what I can do. I like the sound of the rigidity increase of the 525. I have the original better middle z parts.

My question. I’m confused as to which parts I need to print to replace my middle and z pieces. Can you put together an upgrade zip? Do you plan on selling a middle upgrade kit maybe?

Many thanks as always

To do the upgrade you would need all the center parts and the z parts, and now the rollers are done and released (also a rigidity bump). So at this point the full upgrade would be everything but the corners and feet.

What are the dimensions of your machine, what spindle are you using, and what kinds of things are you finding difficult to do?

Thanks for the info. I haven’t noticed flex in the rollers but I’ll check now that’s for sure.

My machine is 4ftx3ft with cut size about 3ftx2ft. My spindle is a 300w spindle meant for cnc. Mostly it will deflect around by several mm if you wiggle it by the bit. In any material it effects the exact sizes and shapes produced

How tall is your Zaxis and leg length? That has the biggest effect on rigidity. If you are having issues I suspect your z axis is very tall. Most non comercial cnc machines have about 3" of z travel. Before any upgrades were ever made I was still able to mill aluminum with a flex shaft dremel, shown in the first few vids I put up. You shouldn’t need to upgrade but it does help you cut faster.

The roller motor mounts have the biggest rigidity improvement, not the actual rollers.

Hmm yup I have a tall z. The idea was in case I wanted to but a thick workpiece in it. Though I kept the legs regular proportion and had planned to make longer ones at some point. Guess I need to lop off some height. Still may print upgrade parts if they’ll make it more ridged and square

You know, actually, I may be too stupid to know which files are needed for new middle and z. I was just looking at the files on thingiverse and there’s so many. Any chance of helping a guy out and rounding them up in a zip file? I know it should be obvious I’m sure but I can’t even yet visualize the new middle

What ever makes it most useful for you. Usually you can just slow down your cuts or go a shallower depth of cut.
If I remember my civ classes correctly it’s linear, so each halving of the z length doubles the rigidity. The legs have an effect but the higher up you cut with the z axis the better.

For which conduit size?

3/4" conduit.

I keep my legs shirt so the z height is all above really. Here’s pick of my setup and I’ll try to attach video of the wiggle in the tool. Keep in mind that the tool is mounted very ridged



Thank you so much for zip. Your the best. I hope I don’t give impression that my mpcnc isn’t awesome and do amazing things cause it does. I am building Bartop arcade for my father using it to cuT wood and acrylic and laser vinyl decals.

No I understand I just want them to work as good as possible.

I watched probably an hour worth of arcade vids this morning, I have always wanted to make one just never went for it.

Yeah it’s been fun. I started with files from thingiverse of course. Rpi3 mdf and monitor lying around so rest was not so costly. I recommend recalbox over retropie. Check out fake coin door I 3d printed. Lights, reset button, and power switch hooked to pi in addition to an ir diode for remote when in kodi. The tiny 25c is vinyl cut with mpcnc

The cabinet looks nice. If the files for the cabinet are on thingiverse can you post a link.

Oh and your picture showing the deflection is not working.

Of course. Here look to arcade

And coin door

Also you are saying you can’t see the video labeled wiggle? But you can see setup pic?

Yes the wiggle one says permission denied but the other one works.

Thanks for the heads up. It should work now

I was looking at the flex in the motor mounts and I’m shocked i never notice it before. Looks like I’ll have to print whole new roller parts now too lol.

A few questions if I may:

is the hardware interchangeable with the 525 or will I need any more or different bolts etc?

What’s the difference between roller and rollerm? they look identical.

what does the rollerplate do exactly?

Thanks as always

To upgrade you will need a 5" bolt and 4x2.5" bolts That should be it.

RollerM is mirrored to get rid of printing inconsistencies that were causing some people issues and making there gantry’s crooked. You will see the gantry cradle cut is opposite (and the letter is backwards).

The roller plate take the place of the skate washers, fender washers, and gives a good place to cable tie wires to.