Updating my MPCNC

I was an early adopter of the MPCNC and used to be pretty active here on the forums, but over the last year I’ve focused on 3D printing and other things, and only used my MPCNC to lase signs and plaques. I want to get back into cutting with my DW660 again, but I see there have been some updates, so I have a couple of questions:

  • When I upgrade to the newest center section, it looks like I’ll need to get some longer bolts. What lengths do I need and how many?

  • Does the new center section require new side rollers, or can I use my original ones?

  • Besides the center section, are there any other upgrades I should do?

Thanks for the advice! Hi to the Ryan and the old-timers here!

It uses the regular hardware minus a few plus 4×2.5″ and 1×5″, 5/16 bolts.

I’m still using the original motor mounts and rollers.

Okay, thanks, Barry!

Welcome back! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new parts. You were using the very first ones right, just after the better middle z? I have that center assembly sitting on a shelf…I don;t have the very first assembly though, that was kind of embarrassing.

Yup, mine currently has the old better middle z. I just took a look at it today and found one of the pieces is broken, so I guess now is a good time to upgrade. One question - which parts do I use for the US version?

The “c” stuff if you are using conduit. If you still have all the original stuff At some point I updated the corners as well. I think they are a bit more rigid, but no need to reprint them if yours are still good.

So, the one called Mostly Printed CNC 525 “C-23.5mm OD” on Thingiverse? I saw something about some new rollers, too. Maybe I’ll get some nice black or gray petg and make a more “professional” looking machine - though I think the bright colors make it easy to point out what parts are printed.

Oh yup It has been a while. Sorry. The new rollers and motor mounts a big upgrade. They get rid of the motor mount bounce, No more flexing. So pretty much every single part is new except the feet.

Just thought I’d provide an update on my upgrade. I’m printing the parts using a volcano hot end with .8mm nozzle and .4mm layer height. I printed the XYZ parts at 1.5 hours apiece, and the larger XY parts at 4 hours apiece. So basically, I printed the entire middle section (2 of each part) in an evening and overnight! Gotta love a big nozzle - for this kind of stuff, anyway.

What other parts do I need to redo the whole middle? The z motor mount and tool mount, I guess? Do I need a different set of nut traps?

Hey Karl! I went through and updated mine over the summer and you will like the added rigidity. Are you using a volcano hotend on the MPCNC? I have been focused on building a pixel Christmas light display and have not used my MPCNC or 3D printer much lately and need to get back into it also.
Good luck.

Dude, we (okay I) need pics! .8mm nozzle is huge.

I’ll try and get some pics this evening.

@Curt I’ve got the volcano mounted on my D-bot corexy printer. I originally bought for the MPCNC, but after seeing someone getting really good results on the D-bot, I mounted it there. I’m sure it would be great on the MPCNC too.

Here are some pics of the center section pieces. These have not been cleaned up at all. There’s a small amount of stringing and some “nerds” on some of the surfaces (common with PETG) that are easily cleaned up. All four pieces printed in less than 12 hours total. I also printed the z motor and z lower pieces - they each took about 45 minutes.

Okay, here we go. . .
MPCNC middle photo 2016-12-13 18.27.47.jpg
MPCNC XY smooth photo 2016-12-13 18.28.26.jpg
MPCNC XY detail photo 2016-12-13 18.28.37.jpg
MPCNC XYZ detail photo 2016-12-13 18.29.19.jpg

Hi Karl. That’s impressive, would take my printer days to do all of that. I really need to get into the more exotic filaments, I’m still old school using nothing but PLA or ABS. Did you have the Camaro rigid z mod on your old mpcnc? I’m trying to figure out if mine is worth upgrading to the new design. I have the older design with the improved middle plus the Camaro rigid z. If anyone has upgraded from that to the latest and greatest then I’d be curious to know how they compare in rigidity.

Hi Leo! No, I never used the Camar0 rigid z, just Ryan’s better z. My main impetus for doing this upgrade is that one of my better z parts broke, and also some friends (new to 3d printing and cnc) just built an MPCNC with all the new parts, and I thought they look great. I will report on my thoughts on rigidity once it’s all together.