Unable to connect to v1pi

Installed V1Pi without issue about 4 weeks ago. Had the ability to connect from my Mac laptop, Windows 10 desktop and iPhone. The laptop and iphone are on the wireless network, the Windows 10 desktop is wired. As of last week, my Windows 10 desktop can no longer see v1pi, but the laptop and phone work just fine.

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I’ve rebooted the windows machine at least twice and the pi at least twice with no help, but again, no issues from the mac laptop and iphone. I’m running chrome on all three devices. I’m running v1pi version 1.3.9

I’ve googled my issue without finding anything specific and searched this forum to no avail. I do know that several revs have come out since my build, but I have not re-flashed my pi.

If I ping the ip address of the pi, I get good pings and 3ms response.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just taking a wild guess but maybe try just v1pi.local, not the rest of the stuff. I really don’t have much experience though. I am not sure if the port changes or not.

that does not work, but the ip address does work.

Sorry about the double post, but I was getting 505 errors while trying to submit and it said to try again in a few minutes…


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Just following up to close this topic.

There is nothing wrong with the v1pi build

I was able to connect to v1pi.local through the pi’s IP address, so I added this entry to my local host file.



do you mind sharing how to modify the local host file? i’m having the same issue. thanks

That would depend on your OS you’re trying to reach it from.