Ultra compact portable 3D Printers, and their mechanisms (e.g. LDO Positron)

Spotted a LDO Positron pre-production model, they switched from cable to belts…

Briefly caught a glimpse of a pre-production version of LDO’s Positron in the first minute of…

Maybe I’m (mis)reading too much, but Jason perked up and got excited when talking about the Positron. Also interesting that this is in the first min of the Joel’s video.

Several of us seem to be curious about LDO’s Positron after discovering their Beta version at RMRRF.

More recently, the Neat Marionette 3D was shared. Created this topic, incase others also want to go deep into tracking/discussing progress on this area.


Very cool the Positron is getting the LDO kit treatment. Remember looking at that project a while back and thinking how cool it was but there was no way I was going to source those parts myself. I think the 90° heat block had to be DIY too.

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