UI V3 Bluetooth Controller

While V3 isn’t fully recommended yet, I’ve been messing around with it. I saw that it has a keyboard control option. So, I bought one of these (1/8 inch endmill for scale):

8Bitdo Micro Bluetooth Gamepad Pocket-sized Mini Controller for Switch, Android, and Raspberry Pi, Supports Keyboard Mode (Green) Amazon.com

It has a keyboard mode with an app to configure the key mapping.

You do have to enable keyboard mode in the FluidNC settings. I had to change the Jog Cancel command because it didnt support key combos (it was Ctrl + S).

My current config:
Arrow keys : jog X and Y
+ and - : jog Z
X : home X
Y : home Y
A : cancel jog
B : home Z
Star : home all
Squares: emergency stop
Triggers : change jog distance

You can map to any macro as well.

This does have limitations but I’m thoroughly amused. You need to have the dashboard tab active.


Just keep it away from anything from the White Star Line…

But I’m flying?