Trying to due initial setup, Repitier connects but wont due anything

both fuses are good. I am using the power supply from the kit. what are you saying needs cut off?

Are you getting 12V at the plug screw terminals? If not check the power supply barrel plug directly. If you get power there, cut off the barrel jack and just use the wires bare like the instructions show. Those little adapters are causing too many issues.

I missed that part of the instructions, thank you I dont mind hard wiring it. One less thing

Yeah I have been going back and forth about clarifying but it is getting worse so I need to I think. But I also do not want to have to open and dig that adapter out of every PS. (lazy)

You don’t want to power it up while it is on that bag. It can short stuff out.

Thank you to everyone for being helpful and patient. I will due my best to get out of this newbie stage. Everything is now working and functioning correctly. I got both Repitier and Pronterface to connect and work. Now I have to upload Dual endstop firmware wish me luck

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No issue with that, take your time, try not to get frustrated, enjoy it a bit, celebrate hard when you get a good crown. We are here to help.

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You can see it in the second link, on all the boards I used to cut them before shipping. Then I got the adapters…then those turned out to cause issues about 5% of the time so I will have to go back to cutting or add it to the instructions.

Been trying to get Repier working on Mac, but LR# does not respond. Should I be using the USB modem in port?

Best to start a fresh topic this is three years old and things are pretty different.

You need to connect to the right port and at the right speed 250000.