Trouble shooting consistently in a run

I am planning on using my MPCNC to cut the scales for my folding knives from micarta or similar.

I ran the image below with a pen and the sizing looks right. I also drew circles and rectangles with a pen and paper and the system is square.

Using the file below

I ran my first set.

There are some issues with size consistency. I am wondering if I am running with too much resistance on the machine. My next step unless anyone else has suggestions is to slow down the cut or take shallower passes.

Of the 5 sets of scales, the total sizes differ by almost a millimeter. Photos below show a set of scales on laser cut liners from sendcutsend.

For cam software, I am on a Mac using

Shallow cuts, any other ideas? Rebuild the machine smaller?


Shallow cuts, and do a full-depth finishing pass. Don’t try to cut the shape without using a full depth finish at the end.

I cut a lot of composite materials, and the type of milling operation is also important: Conventional, vs Climbing. One of them pulls the bit into the material and If you only make one cut (without the finish cut) it tends to make the part undersized. The other type pushes away from the part and tens to make it oversize.

Of course that depends on whether you’re making an inside or outside cut. I can never remember which does what, so I always do a finish pass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That seems to help solve the problem.


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Thank you.

Use conventional with a 0.3 to 0.5mm finishing pass. That’s how I solved the problem. :slight_smile:

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thank you

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