Too dumb for simple design

Anyone can enlighten me how to round edges in LibreCAD? Trying to create this simple shape:

Googled and looked at various threads and screenshots how to do it. I read I have to use the modify -> Round function. But this function - and alot otheres - are missing in the current Windows version of LibreCAD.

Another way I read is to make a square, turn it into a polygon and then modify every corner manually. Even if this works - sorry but that can’t be it.

To me it looks like LibreCAD has NO ways to modify ANYTHING at all. Once you draw a line, a circle, a rectangle or whatever - you can’t change its size or radius in any way in the current version. ???

For now I’m using “Frontplatten Designer” that I started using for my co2 lasercutter. If anyone is interested, it’s a free/no demo, supereasy application that lets you create front plates in seconds and has a dxf-export function.

Whats your approach for this? LibreCAD preferred.

LibreCAD is like autocad from the 90s. It’s very simple, and not at all parametric. That’s when I learned CAD, so it fits well with me. If you hate it, that makes perfect sense to me :).

If I was making that, I would make a rectangle, and make a reference point for the center of the circle, and then draw a circle or an arc, and trim the unwanted extra pieces. There is a bevel tool, but I don’t use libreCAD for anything that pretty or complicated, I use OnShape for that. There is an entire modify menu for changing things after you’ve drawn them, but you can’t just click a corner and move things around.

I use it for doing things where I know the dimensions exactly. The thing I really like is being able to type in the location (absolute and relative) of a vertex. OnShape, and others have these super flexible sketches, which is great, except when you know you want the stupid hole at @35,65 and you don’t want to spend the whole time on your mouse.

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As much as I dislike cloud-based services, will OnShape give a try. I’m also using tinkercad, cloud-based too, but it’s just too good.


another good one to try is NanoCad, between that and Blender I do all my modelling work.

I thought OnShape had a little steep learning curve for beginners as it’s based on SolidWorks.

OnShape isn’t too bad. I thought it was a lot easier than fusion, YMMV.

My favourite is still AutoCad and 3D studio max! it’s what I learned on, unfortunately just can’t afford them now.

Onshape was awesome…because it was exactly like solidworks in every way but the icon pictures. Makermuse said they changed the license and you have to make all free version models public or something like that. No more free private models. I know it is in poor form I haven’t fact checked that but, might not want to put too much time into an expensive software bundle.

Yep. Freeloaders, like myself, get no privacy. Similar to github. I like it. Encourages sharing. If you have a reason to keep it secret, then you probably have a reason to afford it.

Gave up on OnShape. My (1k Euro) laptop has visual bugs with it, I think its graphic card related (Intel HD). I can only see the menu, but not the working area. Same with FreeCAD.

Using DraftSight for anything that “Frontplatten Designer” cant handle. Its also free and has no pesky registration like OnShape.

Menu -> Modify -> Fillet (or type “Fillet” in the command line), then click on both lines of the rectangle where you want a rounded corner. Done.

Why not just put the effort into Fusion360? Seems to be the route people are headed…

Because the trend of this topic is about free and/or Open Source software. Fusion360 costs >300 Euro per year.

Also, I dislike companies (and try to avoid their products) when I see misleading advertisings like “testversion for free”. (pretty obvious the DOWNLOAD is free, it’s still worthless marketing jabbel).

It’s SO honorable autodesk let us download and try their shareware “for free”, isn’t it?

But as long as you use it for personal use, then Fusion 360 is free. It’s only if you start pulling a profit greater than $100k/year that you have to start paying for it.

I don’t mind if anyone else uses fusion, but it wasn’t simple enough to me, but the kicker is that I don’t use Windows. I also always recommend EstlCAM for cam. It’s just way simpler.