Tom's 24" x 24" Build

Started on this after my son game me the parts for my birthday and a gift card to build it. The gift card didn’t cover everything, but he knew I was looking to buy a CNC at some point and showed me this machine. I’m glad I built it. The engineering on the CNC and the tolerance on the parts is amazing.

Special thanks to Ryan for his amazing engineering, dedication, and to everyone in this community, helping others!

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I had a 4’ x 2’ work bench that I converted into a 4’ x 4’ table to support the CNC and took some time to build in 28" deep drawers.

I did a good deal of research and started out my build with extras and enhancements in mind, but if you really do the research, you’ll take Ryan’s advice and make the standard build first… not too big, not all the enhancements others have graciously added. Keep it standard and then make your improvements over time.

After my initial build, I printed the crown.

[attachment file=“MPCNC - 5.jpg”]

The crown on the left, I printed 3 times over itself, and was amazed with the accuracy.

Then I asked for and received a test print that I tiled out in ESTLCAM and printed across my 24" x 24" build… looked good, even though I missed a box and circle when I set up the gcode… but, good enough. Thanks Bill, for the test pattern!

[attachment file=“MPCNC - 4.jpg”]

So, I started cutting with great success… well, the machine cut well, I was still working through a CAM learning curve and not there yet…

So since completing the build, I did add the rail on the y axis to better support the z axis wiring. That really helped clean up my z axis wiring… recommended and easy to do. I’m in the process of adding the LCD cover, Ryan’s Rambo box (I had an old project box and it’s working for now), Octoprint with Raspberry Pi and a dust mount for chip collection.

Thanks again to Ryan and the MPCNC community for all the help!



Your son has a good eye for gifts! The build looks great, thanks for hanging out and sharing. Welcome to the crew.

I still have my first crown hanging on the wall as well.

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You’ve made my evening Tom.
But I have to say I hate you (-: your shop is to clean and tidy, time to convert good wood (timber) into dust.


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Agreed…Time to get it dirty!

Thanks Ryan. I’m pretty proud of it!

And thanks again for all you do!


Well clean and tidy with the camera pointing where I pointed it… Ha!

I’ve been wanting to build drawers for the shop for a while and with these done, I’m going to build more under my assembly table.

I’ve been cutting and learning along the way… Engraving with a v-bit has been working well. I’ve been printing a St. Louis Blues logo. I’m not happy with my accuracy on Mark’s tool change, option 5 yet, but I’me ordering a couple of nylon collars to use as stops to get a better result ($5 each). They should fit well around the conduit (2 piece). I’ll just leave them on and push them to the side when I don’t need them.

Thanks again!

Hi Tom,

I’m about to start my first build now, 3d printing the parts as we speak. I ordered the kit a bit ago, but the tubing was hard to find for me (Long story).

I see that you built the standard, when you went to make the cuts for the tubes, did you put in 24" for the work area or did you use a different number? I think the belts for the kit are for 24" perimeter from the outside, so the actual working area is smaller right? I am not at all mechanically minded, so this part confused me a lot. Any tips would be appreciated.



If you have a look at the calculator it gives you per piece and total length.

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Yes, I put in 24" x 24" for my work area in the calculator and it gave me the length of conduit I needed to cut to give me the 24" x 24".

The belts in the kit can give you a 24" x 24" work area and that’s about it. I watched all of my belt cuts closely and had 4" of extra belt when I finish. Just be aware that it works, but there isn’t any room for error.

Here’s a test I ran that is about 22" x 22". Even with the 24" x 24" work area, I don’t push it’s to the limits because I don’t want the steppers and belts to run into the opposing rail. Keep this in mind too.

[attachment file=“MPCNC - 1 (5).jpg”]

Sorry for the shadows…

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. This forum is a great place for help and advice.


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Awesome! Thanks so much, Tom! Totally clear now. I’m excited to get mine working.

Can’t go wrong with black & yellow! My build:

(btw because relevant:

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Hi Tom, great build.

I am currently building a machine and sourcing stainless steel 1" OD. When I read the following page I took it to mean that the total outside perimeter of the machine was 24" x 24" recommended, rather than a working area of 24" x 24".

Is it actually the case my understanding is wrong and its fine to use the calculator with working area of 24" x 24" and a standard kit includes enough belt to build this?


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[Is it actually the case my understanding is wrong and its fine to use the calculator with working area of 24″ x 24″ and a standard kit includes enough belt to build this?]
You are correct. The standard kit will have enough belt for a 24" x 24" work area, which requires a 34.4" x 34.4" footprint. The footprint is something you do need to consider not only for how much conduit or stainless you'll need, but also where you will mount your machine. I had an existing workbench that I needed to expand, but I wanted the 24 x 24 work area for larger cuts.

I’ll say again, be efficient when you cut your belts. I only had 4" left over on my machine. Fold over and zip tie and end, then attach it with another zip tie. Go to the end of the rail and do the same without cutting it. Make sure the belt is taught enough, according to Ryan’s instruction and when you are satisfied, cut the belt and move to the next rail. You’ll be good.

Good luck with the build and again don’t hesitate to as any questions.

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Can’t go wrong with black & yellow! My build:
Nice build and agree..... bumblebee colors are perfect for the MPCNC! It works its rear off, humming as it does. And if your aren't careful..... it'll sting you!


Must come back here and post today… yesterday I started cutting at 8AM and finished around 6PM. I cut various items and I have to tell you, this thing just goes and goes! Very happy with my result and very happy with Ryan’s design and everyone’s help!!! Can’t say it enough!

Thank You!!!

That is an awesome thing to hear, so cool to know you are having a good time with it. If you are anything like me that feeling doesn’t go away either.

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Thanks Ryan. I don’t think it will go away… my mind is awash with ideas and more ideas and more… you get the idea… yikes, there’s another one.

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