Tom is about to do his build

Wonder if he has been incognito in the forums??


Yea, this is going to be a fun series to watch. I’ve also mentioned to Joel that he needs to build one of these.

Well, live streams are so unpredictable. We’ll see. I am guessing the first part one will be pretty boring just putting together rollers. The gantry though could be super fun or frustration inducing.

I am really worried that of all the different printers used to print the parts that some are bound to be all sorts of not accurate or leaning, or whatever and the final build could be all wonky. I guess it comes down to the gantry pieces mainly. I just doubt that of all the machines getting used and moved around accuracy is probably not tested, as in axes perpendicularity, not just basic tests.

If the mpcnc needs an accurate printer, most of use wouldn’t have one :). It will work well enough.


That’s great. It was Tom’s video at MRRF that got me interested.

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I was sooooo nervous for that interview. I am pretty sure Barry laughed at me most of the day for being so anxious…dam cameras are intimidating.



Well, dang. He deleted the file. When did he say he would come back, later or tomorrow? I never got a notification.

he said later today, in like an hour. he also forgot to set the stream public at first, so people didn’t get the notifications on time

Well, at least there’s a new Boltr to watch from AvE.


New feed link.

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He kept referring to it as “closed source” which doesn’t seem quite right to me but I guess it’s a question of semantics. “Open source” means different things to different people.

Ryan, what’s your general attitude toward MPCNC-compatible parametric replacement parts? Derivatives are non-commercial, I would expect, but is that the only concern? Brand new third party MPCNC-compatible parts, the more the merrier?

This can be a very touchy subject as there are some extremely passionate that feel strongly about this stuff, so I will try to be careful here.

I personally do not call it open sourced and it certainly is not closed sourced. I call it open, but not open sourced, and I have to say it that way or risk offending people.

Parametric replacements, okay, love it actually if they are done correctly. I believe GeoDave already has an entire parametric build out there. The first few months there were so many poor versions out there It got really hard to deal with. The called the parts things like “improved” V2, better, best, must have. People made those parts and things failed and it made me look bad, the bad designers just fade away and I have to deal with the stigma(?) for a long time. So you will see me publicly criticize naming and prefer things like Mod in the title. I will also privately help them see any shortcoming they might have. As you know making these parts almost all parts depend on each other, so just changing the nut hole size for example also moves the screw distance fro the rail, etc, etc. A lot of people do not understand this.

It is share alike, I would have to recheck but I do not know how that works with the non-commercial aspect but assume it follows as well. If it does and you wanted to sell your own design of course I would grant you the right.

I do like other parts, imitation is the sincerest flattery, it really is. I was a little offended at Tom’s remark about making all fully open source compatible parts…I am sure that is a license violation and why? Why do you feel the need to do that. He has not used the machine yet and making parts to get around someones license seems rude, please correct me if I took that the wrong way but if you want to improve something or make it work with a sputter gun or auto tool changer I freaking love it! Trying to make something you have never used because you do not agree with the license, strikes me as rude.


I just finished watching. That was fun. I think I caught a glimpse of some enthusiasm when the bearings hit the rails. This is going to be a fun build. It will also be pretty nice since you’ve got good materials to start with and a room full of editors to make sure it’s assembled right.

His love of socket head screws is going to bite him, I think. Still, he got pretty far in an hour. I think there is some good feedback for Ryan in there too. Like, can you put a tooltip on every word “screw” in your instructions that shows us and metric sizes? Maybe make a note of the max head thickness of the screws?

I also have to point out, Tom is a smart guy, and he is tightening nuts with three cameras on him. That will always lead to some thoughts becoming vocalized. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and be diplomatic. It seems to me that his biggest gripes are related to hardware (screws and nuts). Once he has it assembled, he’ll forget all of that.

Tom definitely needs some slack for making this live. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

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Thank you, this makes sense to me. I appreciate there is a difference between what is legally permitted, what creates practical problems, and what is rude. I want to make sure I don’t step on toes even if I am technically within my rights.

I think the idea of an open source clone is a pretty narrow view that fails to appreciate what is happening with MPCNC. The value isn’t entirely in the design itself but resides also in the community and support. There are dozens of DIY CNC machines out there, I’m sure some are fully open source; go ahead, knock yourself out, oh by the way you’re on your own. Making an open source clone is not hard. Getting the wider system to succeed (meaning viable business, volunteer crew, the whole thing), that’s hard.

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One of the guys in the railcore discord said he needs a trusted person to read the comments and give the valid comments to him.

I guess I totally forgot to give that that sort of feedback. I’m super impressed of how well he did in front of cameras and reading comments and changing camera angles I definitely couldn’t do anything like that he he has some serious skill in that department. This being my first time seeing somebody assemble it like this I have all sorts of things I want to change now those instructions are so old and I can see the validity and a lot of his opinions on it and what could be clarified a bit.

I had a hard time just trying to listen to him and read the comments I couldn’t imagine building something in the middle all that.

Once all the little critical things were over it was nice seeing it go together well and fit right. His positive comments and the positivity in the chat. Just takes a minute for me to stop being so protective about it I guess.