Time for a new shirt, suggestions

Cool shirt, or maybe just a sticker?

“In a world full of armchair experts, don’t get caught sitting down.”

“In a world full of armchair experts, don’t be caught sitting down.”

As in, stop it with the theory, and theoretical questions, page links and equations. Just get up and prove it. We are here (these forums) because we like to make stuff and get dirty, or act least act like we do. Experience, failure/success, effort, proof, is worth so much more than words.

Yes, no? Phrase it differently? Armchair engineers?

To snarky?

Good font or layout suggestions? I was thinking typewriter font, or the font from the logo.

“In a world full of armchair experts, don’t get caught sitting down.”



The world is full of armchair engineers. I stand with V1.

(in company font / logo)


Well dam I think I need them both. Robert, your are appealing to my narcissistic side…I like it.

Barry’s saying on the front, Roberts, I stand with V1, on the back?


“In a world full of armchair experts, don’t get caught sitting down.”

I prefer experts instead of engineers. More wide-spread appeal.

“Experts” is better than “engineers”.

Engineers tend to be more practical anyway :wink:

I dont think you should have similar sentences on the front and back.

“In a world of armchair experts, I stand with [V1 logo]”

That seems like a winner to me. Needs typesetting, but you do a good job with that.

Nevermind the anti-narcissistic insecurities. This is for people who want to wear your shirts, so we have already had the kool-aid. Also, it’s not “I stand with allted” (although I would buy that too). V1 includes the community, whether you like it or not (but not the FB page :D).

Now the question is, is that on the front, with something like you outline drawing on the back? Or is that on the back with a professional logo over the pocket?

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Shoot, FB, I haven’t checking in on them in too long.

I definitely want to wear one of these shirts, but I also want other people to read the shirt and know what’s going on. “I Stand with V1” is all well and good, but if you’re not a member of this community, I worry it would be confusing. I would prefer the original “In a world full of armchair experts, don’t be caught sitting down.” along with prominent display of the V1Engineering logo. It’s a catchy statement in and of itself, but still plenty of opportunity for branding.

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How about “My Computer Likes to Make Stuff” ?

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Shoot, my computer just likes to kick me when I’m down. My printer always screws up on the last label need for the day…

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I’m with the ‘get’ rather than the ‘be’. Text on the front and V1 logo on the back unless there’s a pocket, then reversed with the logo over the pocket. I also lean toward ‘experts’ rather than ‘engineers’, engineers can be a stuffy bunch, unless you have a PE yourself.

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Hope there’s a no pocket option. I usually end up ripping them off my shirt when they snag something.

FWIW, I was talking about where the pocket would be, not an actual pocket.

Ha, I love pocket shirts, but I can not get them. I wish.

Pocket shirts? Like pants?

I only wear no pocket shirts for special events. My shirt pocket always has a pen, a pencil and a screwdriver in it. And you guys think you fit the dweeb mold… :wink:

I’m sensing the need for some V1 pocket protectors. Do they still make those things?

Whoa, new quote formatting. And it’s retroactive!

Also, maybe you should make a shirt with like 15 pockets. Just for Bill.

ehhhhh, not right for some reason.

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