The Second LR3 Build

Long story short: I have just moved from Utah to Minnesota. My original LR3 build did not make the cut (pun intended) for the moving truck, so I thought I would document the second build here.

I’ve barely finished unpacking the essentials, but managed to find my box with filament. I transported my 3D printer in a car, and gave it a once over for loose parts. Printer looked good to go, so decided to recklessly start with the most daunting print first, or course. The core.


Exciting! More pictures!


The printer has been humming away for a few days now. My V1 order has also arrived, so I guess I can start putting together sub assemblies.

I’m doing a few things different with this build vs the first. I decided to go with the 23.4mm Y rail this time, because I had a difficult time finding straight 18.1mm last time. I also printed the outside mirrored gantry braces at 90% vs 50% infill, because once I upgraded to Corian YZ plates, the braces felt like the next in line to get a little beefed up.


Slowly making progress. Have the gantry mostly assembled, and now need to move forward with getting the SKR mounted and wired up. I decided to create a little clip to hold the stepper and endstop plugs onto the extensions. I had an electrically taped connection come loose/disconnected on the last build, and wanted something more mechanical to keep them in place.

If you’re interested in the clip, here’s the link. I would print one as a test first, as I was quite surprised the print worked out on the first try with overhangs that didn’t seem like they should work. I printed several without any issues. Thingiverse link for the clip: LowRider 3 LR3 CNC Stepper and Endstop Extension Clip by stuffnobodyneeds - Thingiverse


What’s the “gap” for at the bottom of the clip? Couldn’t they be smaller?

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It holds the corresponding endstop connector for that stepper. One clip holds both the endstop and the stepper connection to the extension.


Oh, I see, thanks. I have them wired directly to my board and used long cables. But I like the general idea, I found some connectors on printables that are slimmer. :slight_smile: Thanks for the good idea.


Got everything successfully wired up and tested today. Wired the touch plate to a 1/8” mono jack. The SKR seems to home everything as it should, so no resistors needed yet. Time to build a table.


Nice! I like it!

@Ryan Wow, those connectors would have been handy…