The MPCNC axes are located diagonally

Good afternoon! Search engines were not able to help solve this problem. The axes of my machine are located diagonally.

When the spindle is moved using the control Board menu along one of the axes (X Y Y), all four motors are always running. Is this how it should be?
Hardware - Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4. Firmware-from Github

On my more traditionally defined machine, any time a stepper is moved electronically, that stepper remains engaged even if it is not moving. In my case, if I only move on the x axis, then only that pair of motors are engaged. Given your diagonal orientation, I assume the underlying firmware has to move all four motors to move along one of your diagonal axes. In that case, all four motors will be engaged. Just out of curiosity, how did you define a diagonal orientation for your axes?

Are you sure that you don’t have your control board set up for CoreXY movement?

What control board are you using?
What firmware are you using?

If you were (for example) using series wiring, and the firmware for the ZenXY, you would get that kind of motion. Or if you just left the firmware on a 3D printer control board that was CoreXY movement.

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Ahhhh. You nailed it. From his post.

Hardware - Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4. Firmware-from Github

So I’m guessing he did not want it to run on the diagonal and is running the wrong firmware. The firmware for the Ramps CNC is: This is for dual end stops, but I’m informed that it work for a serial setup.


Very simple: after the command “move 10 mm on the X axis” in the screen menu, the carriage (spindle) moves strictly diagonally along the arrow with the inscription “X” in the picture in the first post.The same thing happens if you move along the Y axis, but along a different arrow perpendicular to the previous one.

I assume you caught in my last post that you have the wrong firmware installed for an MPCNC?


That’s right, sir, I made a mistake with the firmware. Used instead of Thank you for your help!