The cat has left the basket. The cat... Oh, it's a cutting board

Oops!..I Did It Again. Another cutting board. This time with a cat.

Wood is pear, maple and black walnut. The pear is sourced from a German orchard, the maple comes from another town half an hour over and the black walnut is from America. I love a good melting pod board.
I really love the pear, that dark brown but still very dense with only a few pores, like beech, but with a greater colour. <3

The Britney reference is easy. Does someone know the other one? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oasis ?
Half the world away lol how did the orchards process that, they must be on old trees not the dwarfs nowadays.
Just curious I live beside a lot of orchards. Only have one variety peach rn I want to graft some new varieties soon.

Also the board is amazing man wow


It’s Black Books, some weird British comedy.

That peach looks amazing. There’s also a song for it.

They bought the pear two years ago:

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That’s so neat thanks for sharing now I need a mill lol

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I ordered a gallon of Titebond III now, not being satisfied with the glue I had. Titebond seems to be different to the “Weißleim” that is normally used around here, does not settles as quickly and is thinner. Why a gallon, you ask? Same price as half the size that comes in two bottles… :smiley: Have to make some more boards I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge fan of Titebond.
Pleasantly surprised, when I was about to throw a fit like a 2-year old, when I wasn’t able to find Elmers wood glue anywhere. Used that stuff since jr. high shop class, and wasn’t sure what I was going to do without my trusty standard.

I have experimented with a couple of the gorilla glues. The one that foams up, and requires water/moisture is ridiculously strong. My experience with that, the squeeze out was a PITA. But it was probably user error. (I didn’t know it was going to foam like that)

But Titebond is my standard now.

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I’m a Brit, one of my fave shows coming up

Great looking board and that inlay looks perfect

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Totebond III is awesome- waterproof, so perfect for cutting boards, and a long-ish open time

Gorilla polyurethane glue is great too, but the foaming squeeze out is a pain. I usually apply slightly less than liberally, then after clamping, wipe away excess with lots of water and a rag after about 20 mins. Way easier than trying to scrape off dried PU glue - that stuff has broken a carbide scraper blade or two.

Black Books is really great but kind of weird, you can’t deny that. :sweat_smile:

Just a word of warning for anyone contemplating using these kinds of glues. Apart from the fact that stuff stays stuck to it forever and there’s no solvent to clean up - many use it as it seems to fill imperfections in the joints. Don’t do this!

Those lovely neat filled lines are just foam so the resultant bond will be very weak.

I think I’m using Gorilla PVA at the moment, which is a bit like Titebond 2 - so far so good.

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Now with video: