The Brew Tipper

Your existence without the Brew Tipper is a worrisome predicament – a glaring character flaw worthy of serious and lengthy self-reflection – problematic at best; delinquent at the very least.

Discard the Cuisinarts and all those other single-use kitchen items free loading on expensive kitchen real estate. They have been relegated to the trash heap of history.

Make room for the Brew Tipper – your trusty and loyal assistant who will henceforth march triumphantly by your side.

This is not my design. It comes from Clayton Boyer who has a fantastic array of clocks and kinetic models to choose from: Wooden Gear Clock Plans by Clayton Boyer


That came out great James, thanks for posting!

I have two plans by Clayton I purchased and gathered the materials for, now that the Holidays are winding down I hope to get back in the shop and work on a long list of projects I have lined up.


At first I thought is was stupid, until I read your description. NOW I WANT ONE!


Oh man that is awesome. I need to check out his other designs as well.

That is awesome!!! Good job!

Ok, I kept coming back to this one… so, I was looking at clayton’s site… bought one of the really cool clock plans… now just need the time to build it between all the other projects.

Oh nice! I have a clock plan on the back-burner too. Let’s do it before the year ends!

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I’m hoping to! Which one are you going to build? I’m going to build the simplicity with the rewind gear and chime options.

I got the Genesis. I was thinking of trying to mount it outside on a fence or something.

I love when the clock is a little more enigmatic and becomes part of the landscape or room…As if it has broken free and become it’s own character! The two images on the top of this page are fantastic.


Very interesting mounting it outside. :thinking:
How would you seal it from the weather, snow and ice etc?

Clayton doesn’t advocate varnishes and finishes in terms of friction but i think because the Genesis is pretty simple – I was going to use marine ply with West System Epoxy and/or Epifanes. Epifanes is really great if you dilute it a little and put it in on very thinly (and watch out for drips!). I bet PVC (versatex) would work without any treatment but it’s bit plastic looking for my taste.

Well, i now have most of what i need to start the clock build. A welcome break from cabinet doors for a bit.

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Yeah… still haven’t built the clock. I have all the materials… maybe by the end of 2023… lol

Did you ever build yours?

Just bought and downloaded the plans for this one, I hope the cutting and assembly will go smoothly…

So far, I found the instructions not all that clear and had to re-assemble everything in Fusion360 to get a grasp of what goes where…

Now… on to the nesting…



Yeah, assembly is a little confusing.

I wish I made two at same time. I would recommend doing that - helps figuring stuff out and then for only a little more time you have an extra for secret Santa emergencies etc.

I’m currently pondering wether I just cut this out of plywood, or try to add some veneer to it.
If I do add veneer, should I glue it before cutting, or is it better to do this afterward?

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Usually doesn’t make a huge difference either way just procedure. But in this case with all the teeth on those gears I’d rather do it before vs attempt those with a flush cut


i’m always chipping veneer in my over eagerness to get things done. here you probably want to sand down the sharp edges between face and cogs a bit so the veneer seam could get a little dicey. nice baltic birch plywood or even some hard wood accents would be as impressive. don’t forget if people are fooling around with this everything might get wet - so a good ply with its attendant glues will withstand that.

As the whole thing must be done before february I think I’ll stick with stained plywood, but I may try veneer for a later project


Ok, now maybe by the end of 2024…