Tft firmware all seems to be for printers

Hello I have tried and tried again and again to get my tft the Cnc firmware.
I went to the v1 links and downloaded the latest Cnc.tft
Installed in on my as card it does update and change to.CUR but it’s setup for printers not Cnc
And I tried the later versions as well.

It updates with some .bmp error but everything else seems to take.
What is the actual version and screen supposed to look like ?
E3.27.x installed on sd
Skrpro1.2 tft 35

Just re flashed it again and it’s the same.

" Tft firmware all seems to be for printers"

Pretty much they are. Odd people (not people who are odd but one or two people) have edited their tft firmwares to be more conducive to cnc or laser but it is hard work and every time the screen manufacturer changes their hardware the firmware has to be re-worked. The only cnc/laser specific firmware I know of comes from MKS for use with their MKS DLC32 and dumb TS35 screen combo.

To modify your own firmware there are tools available to change the icons but modifying the functions is much more problematic… good luck!

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Thanks for clarifying, I had read a post from a while ago that basically stated this but I just found it odd.
So everyone just uses it as is? It just manipulates the printer functions to use for a Cnc. Like extruder and spindle ?
So essentially even tho it visually looks like a printer screen the Cnc tft firmware sets it up for use as Cnc ?

Not really no. All the functions are related to a 3D printer, so you have, for example, fan speed controls and temperature controls, what is more use for a cnc machine is probe and jogging (for example) and for a laser you might want framing and cooling. Some of the existing 3d printer functions can be co-opted, like setting your cooling control up on the fan output but grbl expects you to use M7/8/9 for cooling, not M106…

A new controller board arrived today - a MKS DLC32 with a TS35 screen, this has specific firmware for cnc and lasers, and ,so far, it looks really good, I have even got the flame detection working. The only downside I can see so far is this particular board has only 3 stepper drivers - so problematic for auto-squaring if you have it. It is wifi capable and a modified ESP3D interface and even an android app, although that seems a bit flakey to me. I hope MKS will bring out a 5 board version with their TS35 display and cnc/laser firmware.

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Ok well that makes sense I am very new to this sort of stuff, I have tried to do my reading and research. Just about at the final stages of my build and trying to get this stuff sorted out.
Still apparently have a lot to learn lol. Been trying to learn freecad paths as well that seems fun.
I like a silly person just assumed it was all setup for a Cnc.
I appreciate the tips and info very much thanks for your time.