Tension block rear looping help needed!

Cheers happy holidays to all !
In this image the rear tension blocks I have printed were not alter nor used with support.
But did some reason my belt will not go through :disappointed: sadly ; will there be any techniques or better ways of getting over this issue that I’m having?
Please let me know if you have received this message thanks !

Also I’ve tried this & looked @ all 6 seperate prints is there any alternative? This is the only thing holding back my setup @ the moment & it really stinks

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They should work fine. Cutting the belt at 45 degrees should help.

Are they close? It is probably a problem with your printer. Did you print them in the correct orientation? Are you over extruding? Post a pic of your parts and maybe we can help you with your printer

Can you fit a strip of sand paper in there? You don’t want to weaken them. But just taking off some roughness might help.

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I’ll try the sand paper trick

If printing what should my printing speeds look like; what’s the most important setting tune?

Speed is very dependent on your printer. But printing slower fixes a lot of potential problems.

It would help if you posted a picture. But since it isn’t fitting, the issue is either something obvious, you might be over extruding, or your printer is not scaling right (or isn’t square).

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Cut the belts to a very fine point you should be able to feed the tip through and then pull the rest.

If that does not work upload a picture of your printed parts so we can diagnose what might be wrong. The last blocks we saw were printer in the wrong orientation.


So I solved that issue my new little problem is where is the fan wired supposed to be located on the skr pro board ?
Where the green blocks are located is where. I installed it but they don’t work when idling.
Does the wires need to be placed somewhere else like the main power source on the board ?

Fans? We don’t use fans.

If so can direct me to the control casing that’s recommended please sir !

I have two here, Printables there are more if you search a bit .

The fans can be set based on temperatures, or as always on. The fans on my Duet on the Primo are based on the processor temperature as a proxy for driver temps. (They only tell me then they’re actually overheating.) I considered putting a thermistor on one, but haven’t done it.

On the LR I have a thermistor in the case with the wires, an old one from a hotend. It’s wired to the board as the hotend temp, and the fan starts up at 28° but Ive never actually heard it turn on. (Certainly not when it was -40° outside! My basement stays pretty cool in the summer, I could just about see my breath down there a couple weeks ago.)

Okay last question,
Where is the lid that holds the screen.
In this image I coloured it green

This reminded me of my mid 90’s PC build/modding days, when I had a beige box that fit in an optical bay, called “PC Doctor”. It was a 6ch fan controller, with 6 thermistors, and a 3-button LCD interface for programming/monitoring. I had thermistors on my CPU HSF, RAM pcb, northbridge hs, PSU fet hs, optical drive, and egt (exhaust air temp hehe). The best part is it used FETs for on/off control, no PWM… which lead to my first PCB design that went to a board house… a $60 single channel fully analog PWM fan control (555 timer, fets, and thermistor, with 3 pots for gain, offset, and freq). Months later I started to see specialized fan control IC’s showing up at digikey and the likes. The whole experience taught me a valuable lesson about exploring rabbit holes.

Same link, Printables

whats the title of the file sir ?


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Goodday I’m having issues on starting up my lr3 I’m not completely sure how to access my uploaded files.
I have flashed the motherboard but I keep getting no further than whats on the screen

Just to be clear, you are not using my firmware on the screen.

From either mode hit print.

Okay so when I I’ll try it would you recommend a z plate ?

I’m going to tamper with it more today get some (independent motion) going haven’t yet but I still need to check out my end stops as well. Thanks

When I hit Marlin this screen shows up for some reason I don’t know why and it’s been flashed