svg to stl

I manage to take svg file made in inkscape imported it into blender and made a 3d image. I then exported it out as a stl file , then I open it in Repetier host nothing showed up what did i do wrong.

Might sound silly but zoom out and make sure it’s actually not there. Going between the various programs sometimes the scaling gets messed up, so it might just be really big and you can’t see it.


If that doesn’t work, open the STL in Cura (or whatever slicer you use) or windows 3d viewer and see if it works there.

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Tim you were right it was so small it look like a dot. I open it in Repetier Host, then I open it in Estlcam then a dialog box opens 3d preview it says free machinning and block machinning I have no clue what to do. Thanks

Free machining.

When you save out of blender make sure it’s set on millimeters, not inches. if it’s set on inches, 5" becomes 5mm so it will be very small. That sounds like the issue you’re having.