Stronger version

Do anyone know of someone that have build a 3D printable model based on 35 mm conduit pipe (or other larger dimensions), and/or with stronger stepper motors. Not sure why I would need this yet, but if I’m going to build one I thought it might be worth building a stronger version that can also handle aluminium milling even better.

Is your main goal milling only aluminum? What kind of parts? what size foot print, If you make the machine smaller than the recommended size aluminum will not be an issue. I cut aluminum fine at 25x30x2. Smaller and I could go much faster. New parts are on the horizon that will also make it more rigid.

If you have a specific need I can help a little better but as it is I am doing pretty good with aluminum.

The one answer I can give you is we are not lacking in power. Other machines use NEMA 23’s because they only have 1 stepper per axis, not an issue here. Matter of fact we aren’t even running these steppers at full power.


Thanks for a very quick answer. No specific need identified yet, but if I am to build one I rather build it a bit more rigid if it would help the end quality. But I guess I can always start with the basic, and make adjustments later…

Anyway, thanks for great effort in making this available for everyone to copy :slight_smile:

A by the way. Is there a good overview of add-ons / modifications available for the CNC machine somewhere? eg. the ones that you recommend vicious1

Always my suggestion along with start as small as possible. Just because it can be huge doesn’t mean it has to be.

Not really, most are pretty specific as in different tool mounts.

This coming week I think the new center parts will be coming out, so you might want to start printing the corner and roller assemblies first. The tool mounts will also be changing, for the better 1 mount will fit all three machines, less design fragmentation.

Great to hear that is it actively being developed further. Great work :slight_smile:
Do you accept donations?

I found the donation link :slight_smile: Sent you a little money as a token of my appreciation. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

That is incredibly generous of you! That completely changes my day in the best way. Thank you so much for the support. I hope you end up making one and enjoy it as much as most of us do!

I will add you name to the list ASAP.

No need to add my name. Just tried to be nice. It was anyhow less than you deserve.

Already added.

Thanks again!