STL files download problems

Hello everybody. I downloaded the SLT files in order to print them on a 3D printer of a friend. Once unzipped, I have a message that the certificate of confidence is not available and the files can not be used. Did somebody have the same preoblem in the past?
Thanks for helping.

That’s a strange error. Where did you get the files from? The official versions are available on Thingiverse (search ‘mostly printed cnc burly’)

What are you opening them with??? I’ve never seen that with any stl.

If the ZIP file was corrupted, it could be that the unzipper is being overzealously protective…

Thingiverse has been having issues… :frowning_face:

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Thanks for the replys. Problem still there. Is maybe due to the fact that the Os systeme is Unix and my OS is Windows 7?

Hi Barry, I’m opening with 7Zip. I tried several times but no changes.

Where are you downloading the files from?

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I have unzipped them fine in linux. I use unzip. Although I don’t know what package that comes from. I can find out if you like.

Hi Barry,
This is how i download the files: on the V1Engineering site I go to the tab Home then to the tab mostly printed cnc mpcnc and finally parts. I get the complete list of printed parts with the possibility to download either 23.5mm, 25mm or 25.4mm. I click on the link of 25mm. A new page opens as: Finally Download all files. I register on my hard disk and 7zip unzip the files. When i select the fisrt item, bottom corner a messagebox opens and say that the confidence certificate is not valluable to use these files. I hope that this explanation is clear for the community. Thanks. Eduard

I have a friend who uses Linux. I will ask him to see if he can get the files unzipped.

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Any chance you can post a screenshot?

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How about downloading each file directly from the files page instead of downloading the zip?

I misunderstood. Windows should definitely be able to unzip it. Something is odd.

I don’t even see a setting in 7zip to check the files for cert errors. Can we see a screenshot of the error?

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Hi everybody, Now the weekend is passed, here a screenshot of the error.

Looks like the file extension .stl is incorrectly referenced with some certificate stuff on your system.
You have to check the default programs in Windows and maybe delete the one for .stl
So there is nothing wrong with your zip tool.


Yeah. Or just open then from the slicer program, instead of double clicking the files.

Definitely a file type association issue. The second entry on this page for the .stl file extension says it’s a “certificate trust list” file used by Microsoft IIS. By chance, are you running a web server on that computer? If so, you may not want to change the association, but open it with your slicer through another means. Either load the slicer first, then import the file using the slicer’s menu system, or right-click on the file and choose “open with…” and then choose your slicer.

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Used to see that with xp if the data and time where off in the bios also