Steppers not working, where to begin?

My mpcnc build is a dual endstop on a Rambo 1.4 board and the plan was to use cnc.js with a headless configuration using v1pi. Everything was bought in a kit from here.

The board has power, the green light stays on. The board connects with cnc.js both directly through my windows 10 laptop and through v1pi. The orange light flashes whenever I send commands or upload gcode through cnc.js but the steppers don’t show any life. The board responds to the homing command in the cnc.js console but other commands, for example m119, seem like they are just left hanging. I’ve read through nearly all the rambo troubleshooting threads and I’ve wasted nearly 10 hours trying to troubleshoot with no luck so I think it’s time to actually seek out help. I’ll post a picture of my wiring and I’ll gladly post any others when asked.

I’m fairly certain the wiring is correct. There is continuity in all the fuses. BAUD rate is set to 250000. The USB connection shows as ultimachine in ACM0 port. What should I try next?

Be sure to capitalize it M119

Have you tried the octoprint side? You can’t connect both at the same time. Not as a solution, but if it works, then it is something wrong with cncjs

I’ll check capitalization on the command, It’s possible I didn’t try capitalizing. I’ve tested Octoprint through the v1pi and it is working. Thanks for your work on the software.

I’m finally attaching a picture of the board. I can only attach one picture here and took a bad picture of it all fully wired in so I’ll attach my best picture with the endstops pulled. Endstops were attached to the upper four connectors in the “S” and “-” positions on both the X/Y max and mins though.

If homing works, and octoprint works, then it is not the wiring. It is either something broken on cncjs or something configured wrong on cncjs.

Ok. I’ll start working through cnc.js configuration threads.

I should be 250k, make sure you chose Marlin. Sometimes you have to send something manually in the terminal to wake it up (it has a fragile ack procedure).

I really need to spend more time getting v1pi back in good shape. I have neglected it for a long time. And when something goes wrong in cncjs, there isn’t much I can do about it.

I couldn’t figure it out again last night. Octoprint connects and communicates but still doesn’t jog the steppers. I decided to try and reflash the rambo board. I’ll attach screenshots of what my console in cnc.js looks like after opening the connection. I clicked the reset button then homing and it appears Rambo sends confirmation back but nothing really happens. Flashing worked but came with an error message that I’ll post.

Is this still true? Do the motors move when you home? (Maybe I misunderstood)

Also, you don’t have to compile it. If you get the right fimrware.hex file, you can flash the rambos with xloader.

I think that was more my fault of not explaining what was going on well. The motors don’t and haven’t ever moved but the Rambo board lights up when it receives certain commands. I’ve tried controlling the steppers through Repetier, Cnc.js, and octoprint through two different computers plus the v1pi (raspberry pi 3B) and no luck. I couldn’t figure out how to upload new firmware to the board. Xloader gets hung up when uploading so I tried Platformio and no go there either.

I decided to just order a new rambo 1.4 and use that to troubleshoot the old board. I’d like to make a lowrider or plasma table down the road so hopefully the old one is still usable but I don’t want to waste much more time trying to get it to work.

Ok. Then it definitely sounds like a wiring or a board problem, not software. I would leave the endstops unplugged. Use octoprint for now. Make sure the board still lights up when you don’t have usb connected. Recheck the fuses. Check the power supply voltage.

The rambos are really pretty tough. There aren’t many failures that would cause all motors to not work, but still respond to M119, etc.