Steppers Make a Lot of Noise

I dont know if this is an issue, but it’s different than what im used to.

My steppers are making a lot of noise when power is applied (both holding power and when moving). This is my 3rd MPCNC, but the first two were Rambo boards. This one is a SKRPro v1.2. I flashed the board for dual endstops. All firmware and board setup was in accordance with the instructions on V1 website.

Ive never heard this noise in a stepper motor in the past when running a Rambo board. Its hard to hear in the video bit its very pronounced.

The best description i can give you is if you mix the static noise you used to get from TVs on an empty channel and a small air leak. Merge those two together, and that’s what it sounds like. With all 5 steppers powered, you can easily hear it across the room.

Is this an issue or normal with an SKR Pro v1.2 board?

Should i measure voltage, and if so, what voltage should it be at (drivers)?


It’s pretty common to have some static like noise when the steppers are engaged.

No, you should be checking how the current is set in firmware- but the defaults are fine in the V1E firmware.

The only issue I see at first glance is that you need to properly install the heat sinks on your stepsticks.

Do you have good holding torque, and are all of your steppers moving correctly when you command moves?


The heat sinks were installed after i flashed the firmware, and before i connected the motors (but do appreciate the mention of it, that could have been bad if i did forget-see photo below)

Motors move fine, and in correct direction (got lucky on my first try and didn’t have to spin the cables around).

I haven’t really tested holding torque yet. I wanted to make sure the nosie was okay before i really did anything else.

First rule in engineering…if it looks or sounds different than before…ASK QUESTIONS…hahaha

I was just really surprised to hear how loud they were when energized.

Always a good rule to follow.

Please keep the community updated on your build!