Steppers in series run the same direction

Hey everyone. Let me start by saying thanks for the excellent build guides, models, and design. I’m new to wiring ramps and steppers, which is where my question comes from. I wired together each axis in series with the following diagram:

The problem I have is that when sending an axis move command, the steppers rotate in the same direction, therefore torsioning each other. I’ve confirmed both steppers are energized. Both are indeed moving. I’m thinking that I need to flip a connection to reverse a stepper. What’s the easiest way to accomplish this without completely disassembling my custom harness? :slight_smile:



You’re going to have to reverse one of the stepper plugs.

Well, my steppers are hard wired with pre wired ramps connectors. Blue, red, green, black. I guess I’m asking how to reverse it?

Using your linked picture as an example swap the red and blue OR green and black on the far stepper.

Ok, so I swapped black and green on the far stepper, and the steppers will not energize. This is the connector ordering the steppers were sent with

I followed that diagram with the coloring. Does that need to be altered in my case?

No, you swapped both steppers by doing it that way. One coil on one stepper. Never follow the color scheme, it is not standard and can vary even by the same batch, they are made with zero regard for color.

Color in wiring diagrams is typically just for illustration purposes.

I believe I did just swap that one stepper. I swapped green and black past where I piggybacked from the closest stepper. I’m guessing green and black have different meanings though and I might have to rewire the harness. I’m guessing the diagram represents B1, A1, A2, B2 (ramps order). My connector has blue and red reversed.

In the picture you linked, I think what I call A and B coils are wired in series, i.e., Stepper 1 coil A connected in series with Stepper 2 coil A. What you need is Stepper 1 coil A connected in series with Stepper 2 coil B. I drew another picture which in a post a while back which may help show what I mean.

There is a way to tell which wires are connected to the same coil without a multi-meter: Short two wires together and try to turn the stepper shaft with your fingers. If the stepper shaft is hard to turn, the wires are connected to the same coil. If it is easy to turn, they are not connected. This may help you map out the color to coil configuration.

You show swapping the wires at the main plug, that swaps both coils at once.

Sorry, I think I didn’t clarify there. I was showing those are the pre wired plugs that come with the steppers. They are supposed to be plug and play with ramps. I didn’t swap the wires there. I swapped them on the series harness I wired up.

I am totally confused. You are showing a swapped set of green and black main plugs. You also said you hardwired them in series.

A picture of all of your axis wiring might help.

I would just change the wiring where the second stepper meets the first. So instead of going BL-BL,RD-RD,GN-GN,Bk-Bk, I would go BL-BK,RD-GN,GN-RD,BK-BL

BL- blue

GN - Green

RD- Red

BK - Black


But thats just how i would do it.

Also, while you’re at it, just do the dual endstop version. You dont have to worry about a square frame then too much


Yeah, the plug wiring order is the way that they came from the manufacturer, I did no swapping down there. Supposedly, based on this color scheme, the map is as follows: Black(A+), Green(A-), Red(B+), Blue(B-)