Stepper Motor Noises

I plug the power supply in, and there is no noise. I then move the motors and when they come to a stop, there is a low hissing sound coming from them. There is also a high pitch sound. I have checked the pots and they are all inbetween .7v and .8v. I turn them down to .2v and that is where the noise stops, but the motors are too weak at this point to move anything. I have the DRV8825 drivers with 3 jumpers under each of them. I am using the stepper motors linked in the parts page,

Noise is fine, they are energized, some steppers and drivers are noisier than others. The import stuff seems to be getting worse though so I stopped carrying them for that reason.

Check out my other recent postings. tl;dr: don’t care about it.