Start to mill then stops

I am using Vectric Aspire 9.5, have Marlin mm test5 as my PP.

Machine started the mill ok and cut out three passes on the wooden plaque I’m building. Then the Z axis went up by the 5mm safety height and continued the program but, instead of cutting down it kept on rising.
Stopped the machine, moved back into start position and started milling again. This time it kept cutting past the point it failed before. But at the end of the job the airplane that was the model was nothing like the end result the animation simulated, resulting in a lot of waisted time and good wood.
I downloaded another program to simulate the g-code and that went the same as Aspire. So now I don’t know where to look for the problem.
Another issue aside, does anyone have a good spindle mount for Chinese type motor. The one I have had printed is not good and is prone to coming loose. The aluminium mount that came with the spindle would be great but will not fit the MPCNC.
All help as always greatly appreciated.

Can you post some more pics and the gcode?

Give your spindle diameter. If it’s brushless it’ll probably be 55mm, if brushed 51mm, so that affects the spindle mount recommendations. I did briefly entertain the idea of creating an adapter for the aluminum block used for chinese spindles but ran into some snags that wouldn’t be simple to overcome. Basically any adapter would require drilling/tapping the aluminum block and mounting to a plastic adapter so it can connect to the carrier in reverse.

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Hi Ed,

I have the 55mm spindle.

Yes I looked at ways to adapt the holder that came with the tool as well, but like you, it would be far too time consuming to bother with.

I think the picture is something like the design I need, just need to make it so it fits the MPCNC, plastic printed part does not work.


Here is the photos of the model and what it should have looked like.
I also put in the g-code so anyone may see where i`m going wrong.3D Roughing 2.gcode (217.9 KB)


As you can see the prop is not formed correctly and the tail has been machined away, not kept for finishing cut.
In all it does not look like the Aspire rough cut at all.


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I agree that it’s not right :). I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I just wanted to see how it was wrong.

With the gcode:

  • There are Z moves with F1200, which is 20mm/s. That is very fast for the Z. That might help with the Z problems.
  • The Z values are very high. Starting at 25mm, and coming down from there, milling starting at 18.5mm. But also, the gcode goes straight to the origin at first, which is lower than the top surface of the wood, right? If this all makes sense to you, then go ahead and ignore me. I’m used to seeing Z=0 at the top of the wood surface and going into the negatives to cut down.

With the picture:

  • I don’t see any features that are larger than they should be, just smaller.
  • The gcode says in the comments that it’s set up for a 3mm bit. Are you cutting with a 3mm bit?
  • Do manual moves go the right distance? If you manually move 10mm, does it move 10, or 5, or 20mm?
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Did you print it in PETG or ABS? either of those stand the best chance against the heat of those motors.

First, hi Ryan,
I had a friend print print them for me and it was ABS. It’s not your part that is wrong it’s the holder I got from thingiverse, it does not clamp that good and let’s the spindle slip. It is a clam shell type and maybe if the bolts were larger this would not be a problem but, little m4 nut and bolts doesn’t cut it.

That’s very interesting I did not know that f1200, stood for 20 mm/sec, I was always trying to slow the first plunge down but never could. As you can see I’m a newbie at this.
The Z value at 25 was due to starting from waste board height and the wood was 20mm thick.
I set the waste above the model at “0” but it always cuts down 5mm before starting the model. Apart from wasting time it also wastes wood.
All this is worked out by the program. Grrrrrrr
I set the program up with 3 mm end mill and also used this on the spindle.
I checked the machine for accuracy by writing a simple g-code to make a square and circle with 5-10 and 15 heights, all good and the same with X & Y.
I have had problems with the machine jumping teeth on X & y but after tightening the timing belt this has helped but, this was when the Z plunged in hard.
I set the plunge depth in tool setup to 1mm but, the machine goes in by 5mm for a cut. Can you see why this would happen?

Hi Jeff my post seems to have come to a halt and I still don`t know an answer for my problem. Help please.


I don’t use aspire. I suspect it’s something wrong in your CAM setup.

You can try cutting in the pink/purple HD foam from home depot. That will basically eliminate any load problems. If it still looks like this, then it’s probably still CAM. If it looks fine in foam, then either you are moving too fast, or your machine is not doing well under the forces of milling.

You can also try estlcam. We know that well and we have a well documented set of instructions. It doesn’t have to be this shaoe, but just carving something will give you a better frame of reference.

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This is my suggestion. We can fully diagnose this and it costs you nothing. This will point to either hardware or software.

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Thanks for your help I will try to carve it out in foam as suggested and estlcam.
T he reason I got the Aspire was that I did not think it could carve 3D, am I wrong? {again}


Don’t let the simple interface fool you. This is for an older version, but the steps are basically the same.