What’s a good method for squaring the machine?

Mine is 37" x 37" (26" travel) and uses the better middle Z. I squared the frame yesterday and ended up with the carriage out of parallel by about 3/16" over the length of the frame.

Not sure how close this needs to be or what to expect.

Thanks, Craig

I am finally updating the assembly instructions, including how I square mine up. Of course I don’t get too scientific, just a tape measure.
I set the top rail distance equal, then the bottom rail equal. Set the leg height equal. Then measure across the center both ways and set the feet. Gets mine as close as I could need.

Got it, thanks. Worst case you’re rotating a couple tenths of a degree over the length.

I am beginning to see what you’re saying.

I put a dial indicator on the X and Y axes this morning. In inches, jog +10mm, jog -10mm; I’m seeing repeatability within half a thousandth (0.0127mm). Same result with 100mm and longer jogs. The steps were very close too; jog 10mm/0.3937" and I repeatedly got 9.9568mm/0.392". Rapid traverse up to about 8000 mm/min is perfectly smooth.

Pretty impressive result.

Did you get a video of any of your tests? That is great repeatability. I bought a dial indicator but have never used it my machine is in constant use. Might cut some x and y motor mounts out of Aluminum today, I’ll video it if I do.

I bought a cheap dial indicator from HF and mounted it on one of the limit switch brackets. I clipped it on one of the z conduits and moved the unit from corner to corner to set my height.

Actually yes, but it was one of those phone in one hand and the other on the laptop so it’s pretty ratty. I’ll put it on the list to haul out the good camera after the belts get done stretching and it’s time to fine tune the steps.

Can’t be as bad as my videos. I won that fancy GoPro but every time I start to make a part I get excited and forget about the good camera, I even have a tripod I have never used…