Squaring the XY, something different

So this evening I took out the OG cnc from mothballs. It has been sitting collecting dust since the move. Gave it a once over and of course the gantry was not square anymore…Thought I could fix it in a few minutes. Ended up taking the whole gantry off (glad I have a wiring harness on that one). Spent some time and just could not get it square. I kept thinking “if I can’t do this…I’m in trouble”. Well I spent at least 30 minutes on it and had all the tension pretty equal on all bearing groups and it was still off. Each time I checked it if was off by a different amount wide and narrow.

Turns out one of the conduit is an oval I guess, all I had to do was rotate/twist it and dead nuts…

When I was giving it the once over I rotated the tubes so they would be on fresh zinc, well that threw it all out of whack. New one for me. Hope it helps someone.