Squaring. Help needed!


I’m a beginner and I’m in the process of building a Primo.
Unfortunately, when I mill a rectangle, the diagonals are of different lengths.

I’ve disassembled and reassembled the tiller three times now.
My base frame has identical lengths on the sides and diagonals.
If I measure the trucks without a core, everything is set correctly.

However, as soon as I mount the core, I have a deviation of 7mm in one direction!
It just depends on that last step.

Unfortunately, the screws on the core have no effect. Neither solid nor on causes a significant change.

If I now mill a rectangle with an edge length of 20cm, the edge length is correct, but the diagonals have a difference of 4mm.

What else can I do? Why does the setting on the 4 screws on the core have no effect?

Can the problem be solved via the software?

Thanks very much.

The screws on the core clamps, not the core. If they are moving you 7mm out of alignment, they are doing something, just not what you want. We can help you get it closer, or you can try one of the two options below.

You can use hardstops to start your machine square, or use m666 to use endstops to pull your machine square.

Thank you for the fast answer. I was not exact in my text. I surely used the screws at the core clamps as they are marked in the photo at the documentation. Nearly no effect.

In the documentation I didn’t unterstand what is “the 1mm Spacer”?

Does M666 work with estlcam/ Arduino?

I am not sure what that is either.

Yes, we have a page for dual endstops explaining this more. Dual Endstops - V1 Engineering Documentation

There are a few options on that page on how to fix it. I can’t help unless you can give an overhead shot and show how it is skewed. Or you can just use hardstops or M666.

It works! Thank you very much.

I placed Endstops (just Bumpers no switch) on both sides of x-min and y-min.
I measured exactly the same distance of each pair to the end of the rails.

I “crashed” into the Endstops. → Now both diagonals are exactly the same.

It is a little less abusive if you just hold the machine against them when you power up, probably a little more accurate as well.

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