Spindle (instead of router) on MPCNC (Burly)

Just a quick question. I recently visited a friend with a purely homebrew CNC that has heavy duty cross member, linear rails and and a moving bed (y-axis), which all allow his use of a very large router (or potentially a water-cooled spindle), I started to wonder, what is the largest router or spindle anyone is using successfully on an MPCNC burly or primo build?


Not sure how you’re going to get an answer for this, as folks probably only have one “biggest” tool they’re using and can’t compare with others. I’m using the “default” DeWalt spiral saw on mine.

By that I assume you mean the Dewalt DW660, or do you mean the DW611? I have a DW660.

I’ve got the DW660m which is the spiral saw.
DW611 is a palm router

I’ve seen a few references to 2.2KW spindles, but this topic is the only one I’ve found where I can see one mounted. As for “successful,” as with a lot of MPCNC mods, we don’t have in follow-up information about how the build performed.

The Makita RT0700 series routers, common on the Primo, are roughly equivalent in power to what a 1000-watt spindle would output if such a spindle existed. Common spindles are 600 watts, 800 watts, 1.5KW, and 2.2KW. I’ve always thought that a 1.5KW spindle would work well and provide some additional power over the router. I would hesitate to mount a 2.2KW spindle. The significantly higher weight is a lot of mass to be accelerated and decelerated. @stevempotter uses a 1.5KW, water cooled spindle on his machine and seemed happy even before he did his significant upgrades.

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