Speed calibrations

Hello all,

For those that have done speed calibrations on your lowrider, what pattern did you use for it? I am going to be doing a lot of cutting on the same material so wanting to fine tune my speed a little bit and see if I can get the machine to run faster. Is there a pattern that would be best used for this kind of thing? To me it makes sense to use some sort of smaller pattern that is close to what I am going to be doing, but figured I would check. Is a straight cut up and down each axis(x, y) ok? Or do I need to also include some sort of diagonal cut so that more than one axis is being used as well?



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There is no real test. Just crank it up and see whether the results are what you’d like. I usually start too fast and work my way down. :smile:


There was a CNC Race test file used for some drag racing:

I think it depends on what you want to test. If you have a specific component of a cut you want to test, like the fastest slot cut, then that’s probably fine. But a real cut would have degradation in precision and you’d care about a finishing pass as well (if you wanted the precision back).

But in the end. A test is only as good as the interpretation of the results. They all have merit.