Some Error with infill

Maybe someone Had an Idea whats wrong with my mpcnc. the Problem is when i use the infill(normal,biderectional) option in Lightburn on the x axes(left/right) the infill geht cursive /, the offset infill(second Option) get normal when i Drive the infill over y its Look correct.
Speed ore overscanning Changes, Change nothing on the cursive. Line are correct, angelsqaure are under 0,4mm by 400x400mm.
Hardware: Jackpot Board, E80 laser.

The Problem is “new” i Changed from a40630 laser to the e80, internal 12v voltage laser to 24v external powersupply for the laser, and from skr Board to the Jackpot.
Thanks for helping my ideas gota Out Whats the problem could be.