Some advise in this WasteBoard leveling

Hello, I just wanted to level part of the wasteBoard of my MPCNC to start some projects, but the final look was horrible. it supposed to clean 3x 0.6mm for the surface.
the bit I used is: MEETOZ 1/4" Router CNC Engraving Woodworking V Groove Bottom Cleaning Bit 6mm X 32mm.

I got this :frowning:

WasteBoard.gcode (1.3 KB)

What’s your stepover?

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Is that plywood?

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Looks like it.

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Hi Jeff, yes it is…

Hi Barry, 80% stepover.

i think plywood will always be a little crappy looking milled like this. as long as there aren’t any big chunks sticking up, I’d just hit it with a little sandpaper and call it good.

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[quote=“barry99705, post:9, topic:17929, full:true”]
i think plywood will always be a little crappy looking milled like this.[/quote]

Which wood do you suggest for a wasteBoard?

I use plywood, but I haven’t surfaced it. Mdf should be pretty consistent throughout, although I know the faces are a bit more compressed.

The inside of most plywood is made from junk wood. That’s why it is so much cheaper than hardwood. If you hit a glue layer, it looks really nasty. It looks like you’re passing through two layers.

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I use mdf.


for this I need an enclosure :frowning:

Or just good dust collection.

You are right… What you guys think can be the problem?

Plywood doesn’t surface well. MDF or OSB works better. MDF preferably.

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Ok will try other wood, Is the stopover ok?

My 1" surfacing bit uses a 50% stepover. I wouldn’t go much over 60%.

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Thanks Barry :slight_smile:

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Lowes sells some glued up panels I used to make a wall unit and they seemed to cut, sand, and hold screws well so I’d think they’d be a suitable machining base.

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Thanks Paul